Book Bonanza: The Next Five

Here are the next five books (or in this case DVDs):

Ribbet collagemathusee

There is the skip counting and addition Math U See songs CD (with song book included), the Primer teaching DVD and the Primer Teacher’s Manual.  I will eventually be giving away Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta if I am able to locate the DVD for Alpha 🙂

So instead of Alpha I am offering The Maths Collection (this is an English book and has many great ideas of how to demonstrate maths in a hands-on way) and Family Maths (this probably needs no introduction but it is a very popular maths book containing a bazillion games you can play as a family to help improve maths).

For rules and regulations please see my Book Page.

I am completely (and somewhat unusually) behind with my blogging.  We had the busiest weekend ever, but it was a very, very happy one.  I will be answering all your lovely comments and emails and visiting your blogs soon.  But for now it is almost 1am in the morning and I really need to go to bed.  It’s full school tomorrow so if you shoot me an email requesting one or some of the books I will get back to you probably sometime in the evening when I may get some computer time!  Anyway, it is as usual first come, first served.  Be blessed!

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