Caps for Sale Book Unit

Caps for Sale

The week we did a fun Caps for Sale Book Unit. I was astounded by how many monkey activities we found around the house to do! I hope you find inspirations for your own Caps for Sale Book Unit.

Caps for Sale, written in 1940, is a retelling of an old folk tale. Is perfect for 4 to 6 year olds. Written and illustrated by Esphyr Slobodkina, Caps for Sale is a quaint tale of a peddler who attempts to sell the caps he balances on his head. The book focuses around one day, when discouraged and hungry, the peddler takes a rest under a tree. Whilst asleep the monkeys steal all his caps. The rest of the story is based on the man attempting to retrieve his caps and the antics of the monkeys whilst he does so.

Caps for Sale Book Unit

We use Five in a Row curriculum alongside this, which contains ideas for maths, English, art and much more.

Caps for Sale Book Unit: Read Aloud Books

There are many great monkey books around but we used what we had. Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is a blast from the older children’s past. They really enjoyed revisiting their younger childhood! There were many reads of this book whilst my two little monkeys jumped on their bed ❤️. The Monkey with the Blue Bottom is another favourite and always elicits many giggles from all of the children. And lastly, Monkey Puzzle is such a good book. Our copy comes with an actual monkey puzzle which was perfect as a tray activity.

Caps for Sale Activities

Little World Tub

The sensory bin this week is a fun collection of play mobil and felt.  We found lots of monkeys, a man, a tree and lots of caps.  I put in a sheet of green felt and cut out a sun, marking a face with a sharpie.  (The children immediately recognised this as personification):

Group Activities

I always take every opportunity for my older three to play alongside my younger two. It encourages strong supportive and unselfish relationships, as well as giving them the opportunity to teach their younger sisters. Fortunately, they all love being in each other’s company so it is never a chore. I am always on the look out for inclusive games which are simple enough for the littles yet interesting enough for the older ones. Monkey Business fits the brief perfectly…and of course, it is monkey themed! The Children played Monkey Business together, many, many times:


Caps for Sale Book Unit: Activity Trays

First Set: Tumbling Monkeys, a game which needs two or more children to play; some monkey colouring in and a Spin Art kit…messy but fun!

Second Set: Play dough with tools and monkey cookie cutters; Little Worlds Play Tray (as above) and Five Little Monkeys play set with toy monkeys:

Third Set: Wooden hanging monkeys (similar monkeys); sticky bricks; small world (and in the last picture Abigail is playing with some monkey Stamps):

And lastly, the Monkey Puzzle book with puzzle:

Monkey Puzzle

Caps for Sale: Muffin Tin Meal

We love muffin tin meals in our home. I’m always disappointed when the children grow appetites too big for them to be satisfying. This muffin tin for our Caps for Sale book Unit was so fun to put together. I made lots of different caps from tomatoes, tortillas, grapes and cheese; two monkeys from a carved digestive biscuit, cheese and black grape; some banana cut up and some chocolate coins:

For more monkey fun, head on over to my Curious George post which includes a monkey’s tea party!


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