Christmas Tradition: Books after Christmas


I saw this on Leah’s blog and I was enchanted with the whole idea.  Well, it is books, and you all know how much I love books.  So I sent off for some books the children had asked politely been nagging for, collected some brown paper, twine and sellotape and I was ready to create a new tradition.  I can actually see this one going on into my dotage:


For anyone who is interested, these are the books I bought:


I wrapped them and placed them in a very conspicuous place to lure the children in.  They found it very frustrating when I made them wait until the day after Boxing day to open them:


Eventually the day arrived.  They were almost more excited than Christmas day.  Not that they take after me in any form whatsoever!


They were chuffed with their books, and very excited at the prospect of doing this again next year:


Another lovely tradition….

Tomorrow I will be sharing all about the home-made presents we made last year <3


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