Common Place Book

I love to read and I love to write. I find them both relaxing and fulfilling, whether the books are read or listened to, whether fiction or non fiction and whether the writing is for pleasure or for my master’s, I love it all!

Seasons of Joy was started to encourage me to get back into writing daily. It has become my journal each morning and it is such a blessing to be able to come and type my thoughts out and have a record of them to look back on.

There are multiple other ways I write each day, the newest being a common place book. I’ve never kept a common place book before and I LOVE it! It is very unstructured and simply a place I can jot pieces of information I want to remember.

I have quotes, thoughts (my own and other people’s), poetry, song/hymn words, Bible verses and the titles of recommended books. This means I have somewhere to write down pertinent pieces of information. It is not neat, it is not ordered and (& this won’t surprise any of you) it is very haphazard.

It is this haphazardness that appeals to me so much. Amongst all the serious scholarly or Biblical wisdom there are quotes from my favourite YouTubers! I love the almost ridiculousness of it! It tickles me to see Fanny Crosby’s works sitting comfortably alongside the thoughts of Paola, the Cottage Fairy, and sandwiched between a quote from Pablo Picasso and a prayer from Francis of Assisi!

Where else are you likely to find this? It reminds me of the wondrous variety to be found in God’s creation and the Peace to be found from loving and respecting each and every creature on this journey called Life.

Who else writes in a common place book? What do you draw from for the contents of your book?

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