Congratulations Thomas!

I was going to write about flight today, but Thomas received some really good news today so I thought I’d share that instead.

Thomas obtained a distinction for his extended BTEC in Music Production and Technology. In A Level terms this is the equivalent UCAS points as three A* A Levels. As you can imagine, he (and the rest of us) was (were) delighted!

With these grades, he’d secured his place at a small Christian University up north a little (I think. This is an on-going joke between us because I keep forgetting where the university is situated…It’s either Coventry or Cheshire, both of which I believe are north of us. Sorry son, I’m still not 100% sure. Coventry…?). But he felt God was saying to wait, and maybe defer for a year. He believed there was something God had for him on the horizon, he just wasn’t sure what.

As an interim job, he began to work on a golf course. This has been very hard on him, getting up at between four and five every morning, and working at a very physically hard job. He has much more respect for how hard Gary works, now 😉 And it has created many intense conversations and learning between father and son about working even when you don’t want to.

Then an absolutely perfect job came up. It really was almost hand written to Thomas’ dreams for his life. A couple of weeks ago he applied for the job of Assistant Worship Pastor in a church nearby. It was a one year contract which meant he would still be able to attend university next year if that is where he felt God leading.

He prayed about it, talked to the actual worship pastor, who would be his front line boss and researched into the church. Everything he learnt, he liked. Yesterday morning he went for the interview. He had to lead a worship band he had never met before in one song he needed to choose out of a list, and then attend an interview with a panel of three interviewers. Throughout it all, he was very pragmatic. He did his best, and remained stoic in his opinion that either he was the right person for the job or he wasn’t; either God wanted him there or He didn’t. And he was Peaceful whatever the outcome.

He got the phone call later that evening to tell him that he had got the job and could he start on Monday! He was so happy and excited!

Thomas, Dad and I are so very proud of the young man you have become. You are hard-working, honest and just a really lovely person to be around. But what we are most thankful for is your relationship with God. It has been a complete privilege for us to watch you take on your own faith; to see how close you walk with God and how completely in love you are with Him. It is all we ever wanted for you.

May God bless you in this new and exciting time in your life. Our prayer is that you will grow in His love, and walk ever closer to Him. We love you very very much son ❤️


  1. Thank you for sharing your good news. We rejoice with you! Congratulations, Thomas. It sounds like the Lord is opening doors for you(and that He’s heard the cry of your heart). ‘Can’t wait to hear what God will do with all this.

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