Dinosaur Party Activities

I was searching through old photos for something or other and came across these ones of a dinosaur birthday party I organised for a niece of ours in Northern Ireland.  Full of fun activities, I thought I would share, especially as there are going to be some dinosaur themed posts following over the next few weeks as I explore them with my littlest two.


This party was designed to be suitable for all ages from 1 up to 13.

Pin the Roar on the Dinosaur 

I cut out a huge dinosaur shape and hung it on the wall.  I also made a roar to fix as close to his mouth as possible.  We blind folded everyone and each had his turn:

Dinosaur party-games

We stuck a little dot with the initial of each players name on it where ever that player stuck the roar:

Dinosaur Party-party games

Auntie ‘Tangulars’ turn came about.  Gary’s sister, Tanya, is always fabulous fun and the Irish clan are always up for any amount of teasing.  Whilst she was getting her blindfold on, we turned the dinosaur around so she would be completely confused as to where the head or tail actually was:

Dinosaur Party-pin the roar

He, he.  I still remember the laughter!  Everyone did fairly well, though if my memory serves I won…….

Dinosaur Party-Pin the roar on the Dinosaur

Cookie Decorating

I had baked some dinosaur cookies using these Dinosaur Shape Metal Cutter Set which  the children decorated and then ate:

Dinosaur Party-Biscuit Decorating

Pass the Parcel

We played pass the parcel with the winner, I am sure, going home with something dinosaur related:

Dinosaur Party-pass the parcel

Painting a Dinosaur Plastercast

The older children had fun painting various dinosaur plaster casts which I had made from the Natural History Museum’s Dinosaur Mould and Paint set:

Dinosaur Party-painting Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Collage

Whilst the older ones were busy with their plaster cast models, the little ones did a bit of sticking with some dinosaur pictures I had cut out:

Dinosaur Party-collage making

Design an Edible Dinosaur

We split everyone into family groups with vaguely even numbers and gave each family group the same collection of edible items for each to design their own edible dinosaur:

Dinosaur Party-make your own edible dinosaur

Dinosaur Party-make a Dinosaur

Dinosaur Party-create a dinosaur

I don’t know who won but they all did a fabulous job!

Go home bags

I packed simple going home bags, decorated with cut outs of dinosaurs:

Dinosaur party-take home bags

Inside I included a dinosaur toy, their painted plaster cast dinosaur and a David Attenborough Dinosaur dvd.

Such lovely memories, and now I am getting to relive the fun of learning about dinos with my youngest two 🙂

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