Edwardian Unit Study: Resources {1900-1910}

Edwardian Resources

In September we began our study into the twentieth century. Beginning with the first decade, I planned many activities around the literature written during that time period, key events/people such as the suffragettes, key inventions such as the Brownie camera and the Wright brothers’ flying machine, and the artists around at the time.

Edwardian Resources

The following post contains all the Edwardian Resources we have used.

Edwardian Resources: Books

Our starting point is always books. Good books can make or break a study. This term we have used books which have elevated our studies and also the odd book which has been a waste of money.

  • Edwardian Living

The Edwardian farm is excellent viewing for anyone wanting to learn a bit more about life at the beginning of the 20th century. The Edwardian Christmas tells the story of Christmas through delightful pictures. The suffragettes book is a great book which we have devoured page by page. Also, I bought a suffragettes pack of reproductions which were an excellent addition to our studies.

  • Edwardian Fashion:

We bought a sticker book for my nine year old and a second book which in retrospect was written for adults with more than a passing interest in fashion through the ages:

  • Edwardian Food

These were both great books with lots of extra information relating to the Edwardians. We used the Afternoon Tea book for all the recipes we used in our tea party:

  • Edwardian Science

We focused on flight for our science study during the Edwardian period. We had many picture books, as well as an excellent biography ‘The Wright Brothers’, detailing their lives all the way through their childhood and beyond. Highly recommended:

But it was ‘Flight School’ which blew our minds. Flight School contains lots and lots of information on flight as well as many many excellent quality models to make. Even my nine year old could make them on her own, and they turned out great!

  • Edwardian Literature

We had many books to trawl through. A few written by Edwardian writers and published between 1900-1910:

And a few which were set in Edwardian times:

As well as many linked with our author study of Beatrix Potter:

  • Edwardian Artist Study

We studied two artists: Pablo Picasso and Winsor McCay. Picasso is quite an obvious choice and we learnt about cubism as a tie-in. McCay was a bit different to our usual art studies in that he was the first cartoonist to have his work regularly featured in a newspaper. We used the following books:

The last book we used extensively as the girls learnt how to plan and complete their own comic strip.

Edwardian Resources: Other Fun Additions

I also bought a Brownie Camera, a radio making kit and some newspaper paper to create our ‘Edwardian Times’:

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