Edwardian Unit Study Presentation

Edwardian Unit Study Presentation

We have just finished a five month long study on the early nineteen hundreds. We have learnt such a lot, from reading books published at this time, to science studies on flight and ships, to the great Antarctic explorers of this era. The girls have worked hard to understand the suffragette movement and the sinking of the Titanic, making a radio and a morse code key. It has been a really successful learning experience. What better way than to finish it of with an Edwardian Unit Study Presentation?

Edwardian Unit Study Presentation: Setting Up

We had been planning this for a few weeks, and had made felt rotten eggs and rotten felt fish (to throw at the suffragettes), a force feeding contraption, tickets for the evening and a morse code key which would be used throughout the presentation. The girls also made some chains to signify the suffragettes chaining themselves to Downing Street and Buckingham Palace.

We also made some display boards, using the memorabilia we had bought from the sinking of the Titanic (Becca’s presentation) and the Suffragettes (Abigail’s presentation). We added a flag, a model of the Titanic and the Newspaper the girls had created along the way:

Each person who watched the presentation was given a member’s ticket, a morse code sheet and the rotten fish and eggs. All of these items would be used throughout the presentation.

Joint Edwardian Unit Study Presentation

The girls’ Edwardian unit study presentation began with a joint summation of the Edwardian period. This included their own radio broadcast:

They had dressed up for their individual presentations. This was the first time Becca had spoken in front of an audience, and she is quite shy. But she did a great job!

Rebecca’s Presentation on the Titanic

Becs did her presentation about the sinking of the Titanic. She chose the subject and wrote her own speech about the reasons it sank.

Included, was the stop motion movie we made of the Titanic sinking:

Becca also worked the morse code key and sent the on lookers a message. And they had to disinherited it. I didn’t get photos of this, but it was absolutely hilarious!

Abigail’s Presentation about the Suffragettes

Firstly, the twins giving a speech for (Lillie) and against (Charlotte) women having the votes. We had rotten fish and eggs to throw at anyone we disagreed with. Most ended up on Gary!

Next, she read out her presentation giving a demonstration of the force feeding which went on in the prisons:

Finally, Lillie and her little sisters sang their very own rendition of Sister Suffragettes:

And then they all took a bow:

Brilliant girls! Well done!

Edwardian Unit Study Presentation: Further Reading

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