Explorers Age: Conducting a Blanket Trade

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One of the main reason for exploring the world was to trade goods with the natives of the land discovered.  But how could they do this if they were not able to verbally communicate with each other?  Blanket, or silent trade, was a method whereby two different language speaking groups were able to trade without the need for speech.

I challenged the children to set up their own blanket trade, researching it first and then acting one out, without the use of speech or sign language.  T13 decided he would direct and take photos, whilst L12 was a native and C12 was a Spaniard.  They gathered props (dress up and goods to trade) and narrated as they went along:

Ribbet collageblankettrade

Ribbet collageblankettrade2

Ribbet collageblankettrade3

Ribbet Collageblankettrade4

Ribbet collageblankettrade5

Ribbet collageblankettrade6

Ribbet collageblankettrade7

And that is how one conducts a blanket trade (although (my) pink crocs are not an absolute requirement to have a successful trade).


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