Life of Fred: Farming Revision Booklet

Farming Revision Booklet
Farming Revision Booklet

I created this Farming Revision Booklet to use with our maths studies using the very excellent Life of Fred curriculum. Most of our hands on activities for the Farming book were linked to either sets or graphs. This 11 page Farming Revision Booklet focuses on set work, using farm animals as a theme.

Firstly, the animal page needs to be printed on card stock and all the animals cut out:

Farming Revision Booklet

This contains a variety of farm animals. There are three different versions of each animal, based on their colour. I have included a different number of each.

Next, the children learn that something has gone awry at Buttercup farm:

Farming Revision Booklet

Then, the task for the children is to gather up all the animals and divide them into groups of like animals:

Farming Revision Booklet

I have included lots of green set circles for the animals to be separated into. For example, it is likely that they will be grouped according to animal species, and I have included labels for each of these:

However, there are lots of other ways of grouping the animals. As a result, I have included alternative labels your child could use:

Let your children play about with the concept of groups and maybe come up with ideas of their own.

Lastly, teach your children that some animals might fall into two groups, for example they may fall in the sheep group and also in the brown animal group. I have included a example of this:

Once you are sure they understand the concept, let them play with the animal pictures, the titles and the intersected circles. Have them try to come up with their own ideas:

To Download this Life of Fred: Farming Revision Booklet see below:

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