Finding Joy in the Process

As I was on my walk today, I saw a green woodpecker walking down the trunk of an old tree and into a hole. I smiled contentedly, drawing a deep breath and paused.

Looking round me, the sun streamed through the trees giving new meaning to the term rays of sunlight, there was chirping all around as the birds greeted the day and the flowers on the grass verges of the winding country lane were opening their buds to meet the rays which fell generously all around.

I breathed again and continued with my walk. I felt so unutterably content. You know that feeling? When you are 100% in the moment and perfectly and completely happy.

Yesterday, I was wondering why this time was different. Because it really is. I’ve tried to lose weight before, I’ve attempted to get healthy more times than I have digits on my fingers and toes. But none of them ever lasted more than a few weeks.

Why was this time different?

Today I think I realised why.

It is because I am finding joy in the journey rather than the end result.

In fact, I’ve not thought once (I promise this is true) about what the end result even is. I think about this whole journey as one thing at a time.

One pound at a time.

One tiny good habit at a time.

One healthy meal at a time.

One trip to the gym at a time…

Well, you get the picture.

In the past, the end point was the only thing that mattered. And if I didn’t get there pronto I would feel discouraged and give up.

This time I am enjoying the process. Every day I succeed! Do you know what a confidence boost that is? Every day I meet a multitude of tiny incy-wincy goals which make me feel sure that the next day I will succeed also.

If I’m honest, I’m not even sure what my big end goal will be. Sure, Noom have set me a goal weight which seems so ridiculously far away from what I am right now, I don’t consider it as a matter of principle.

But I’m not really sure what my goal is.

And I’m not sure I even want to have one.

I am perfectly content, right now, giving myself congratulatory pats of the back as I conquer another tiny molehill of a goal.

I’m enjoying the process and bit by bit I shall move towards the unknown and unimportant final goal without pressure or an impending sense of doom!

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll carry on like this until my last breath, knowing I have lived my best life, not chasing impossible dreams but living a real bonafide daily dream of enjoying the process!


  1. I needed to hear this today; somewhere along the way in the past year or two I have gotten so stuck and focused on my end goal that I am getting very, very discouraged and forgot to remember that this is a journey and each healthy choice is a reason to celebrate!

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