Five Maths Baggies: Mathematical Activities for Quiet Time

My younger two girls are not quite the readers their older brother and sisters were at their age.  The older ones would have happily read for an hour during their quiet time each day and complain when it ended.  The younger ones manage about half an hour before they start to get the wriggles.  I need them to stay in their room for the whole hour so I can concentrate on the older ones school.  So….I have tried to come up with activities which will be useful and interesting and will keep them out of trouble for the second half hour segments 🙂

  1. Five Wipe-able Hundreds charts each, washable markers and instructions to mark off the specific times tables:mathematical activities for quiet time
  2. Basic Skills Box for the girls to share.  I really like how this is set out, not just with the numbers but also with the visual rods:mathematical activities for quiet time Although this was bought in especially for the girls, it would be very easy to replicate using card and maths counters.
  3. Place value practice.  In this baggie I placed a laminated wipeable worksheet, some place-setting dice (or you can use normal dice) and some washable pens:
  4. Tessellation puzzles:The girls love doing this puzzles and it’s great for encouraging mathematical thinking.  There are varying difficulties which is useful for the three year age gap between A(9) and B(6):
  5. Along the same lines, I have two shapes puzzles, one easy:and one harder:The last one really is hard and keeps A(9) busy for ages and ages 🙂

I am hoping that using these baggies will help not only increase their understanding of maths, but also increase their sense of playing with maths.  I really do love teaching my two younger ones maths this way 🙂


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