Flower Fairy Party for a Five Year Old

The day began with a mammoth present opening session.  We make big deals of birthdays here and the children always have lots of lovely gifts to open:


She was delighted with them all but particularly liked her Flower fairy musical jewellery box, which she trails around the house with her, everywhere she goes!

I had made some very simple dresses, added some new wings and voila! two little fairies:



She had asked for a Flower Fairy party like her sister, which she changed just before her birthday to a dinosaur party!  Unfortunately I had prepared for fairies and as fairies and dinosaurs really have very little in common, we went with the original request.  Her guests were very cute fairies also, and apart from the fact you can’t see A’s face, I just LOVE this photo:


I had arranged a few activities, which we began almost immediately.

Gingerbread Fairy Houses

We had been blessed with a set of five gingerbread house kits for Christmas which we had kept for just this day.  Each child had a foil container, a ready made house, and lots and lots of decorations:

Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house

I made mini toadstools out of marshmallows for them to pop in their garden:

Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house

There were lots of different coloured icing tubes to share as well as a big bowl of what should have been green coloured desiccated coconut:

Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house

The girls thoroughly enjoyed putting the finishing touches to their house and gardens.  The big girls were helping and it very quickly became a competition for who could make the most elaborate fairy home:

Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house

Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house

Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house

Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house

And the finished houses, gardens (with trees!):


Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house


Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house


Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house


Flower fairy-party-gingerbread house

Making Fairies and Decorating their Houses

After the girls had finished we got on with the business of making some fairies and then painting and decorating a little fairy house for them to live in.  I didn’t take any before pictures but basically gave each girl a baggy with fairy making supplies, a birds house, flower and plant foam stickers, paint and moss from our roof which I had dried in the oven.fairy party

fairy party 3

fairy party 7

It was serious business…

fairy party 6

fairy party 4

…especially if you were the adults (ahem..)

Fairy 2

fairy party 5

fairy party 8

and the results were just gorgeous!

fairy party 9

The Fairies and their Potions

This part was a little impromptu.  We had thrown a potion party for A7 in September, so unbeknownst to us the fairy party which B5 had in her mind was of the potion variety.  I had not organised anything even vaguely potion like, so when she announced that she couldn’t wait to make giant’s toothpaste I searched high and low for ingredients I could throw together to make some potions.  It was not well organised but the girls (and most importantly B5) seemed to enjoy themselves!

  • Giant’s Toothpaste

For recipe see my previous Flower Fairy Party post (it is the Wild Thyme Foam).  I reused the aluminium trays, and gave each girl their own set of equipment and ‘chemicals’. The big girls volunteered to ‘help’:

potion fairy party 1

I will never tire of watching those expressions of wonder on their faces:

potion fairy party

potion fairy party 4

potion fairy party 3

potion fairy party 5

  • Fairy Fizz – Wild Rose Bubbly

Again for recipe see my last party post from September.  It is a simple vinegar and bicarb reaction, but the girls loved it and I had to refill their trays until I was clean out of supplies!

potion fairy party 6

potion fairy party 7

A7 decided to add her bicarb and vinegar to the Giant’s Toothpaste (love the look on B5’s face):

potion fairy party 8

Fairy Cake

We had bought a rose decorated cake which I planned to decorate with homemade fairies (so it was at least a little hand crafted by her mother 😉  ).  I made a collection of fairies and sat them atop the roses, among the candles:

Fairy cake 1

Fairy cake 2

Then we sang what must have been the most tuneless ‘happy birthday’ ever to be sung.  But worse was to come.  We ate the cake.  It was so revolting, a sort of rose flavoured sponge with about an inch and half thickness of strongly rose flavoured icing.  Never again!

But my girl was happy and that is really all that mattered <3

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