Frugal Goals: Five in Five

Well, this is my last goal post focussed on the next five weeks.  This one is all about saving a few pennies and learning more skills to save money in the future:

  • To take time each day to explore Moneysavingmom blog.  I used to read Crystal’s blog when she wrote under a different name (Biblicalwomanhood I think), but haven’t spent huge amount of time on her money saving one.  Each day this term I want to spend half an hour per day reading past posts.
  • Search out a tasty, healthy and frugal recipe which can be made from just store cupboard ingredients.  Begin collecting ideas onto a new pinterest board:

  • Design this year’s home made Christmas Card
  • Make one change which will save ten pounds a month if I were to do it regularly enough
  • Design the Christmas angel decorations I want to make as stocking presents this year, out of my granny’s antique lace Christening gown, for an heirloom gift for my children:


So I have set myself twenty goals in total to achieve within the next five weeks.  Is it possible?  I don’t know, but I shall have fun trying!


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