General Progress in May

This will be a much quicker post than those I’ve done for previous months. I did pre-empt this last month because I knew what was coming.

This month I purposefully took two weeks off going to the gym and walking the dog because I had a shoulder injury that didn’t seem to be healing.

I coincided the break with our holiday in Northern Ireland.

The fact I came back from Northern Ireland seven pounds heavier was gutting but (to some extent) expected.

On the positive side, my shoulder injury is much better.

Once we returned to England, two weeks into May, we set about regaining some of the positive habits we had let slip whilst on holiday.

For the past two weeks, I have walked Harvey each day for about 40 minutes and have also been to the gym three times per week.

Knowing I wanted to build up reps rather than increase weights, I began doing three sets of twelve reps rather than my normal eight. I also decreased any weights where I was using my arm or shoulder to lift them. This was to protect my shoulder against further damage.

I have been pleased with the way the gym has gone, and whilst I have not made much progress to speak of, I have continued to go regularly and I have managed to increase my reps slightly (from eight to twelve).

I have also lost four of the seven pounds I put on during my holiday.

Foodwise, I am still logging everything I eat and in the main I do keep within my calorie count. The weight loss seems to have stagnated somewhat, but I have been here before and I know to just keep on doing what I am doing and it will gradually start to come off again.

We are on half term break this week and had a lovely relaxing day yesterday for bank holiday Monday. Have a relaxing week everyone!


  1. Good job getting right back to those healthy habits! I’m dreading getting on the scale tomorrow after eating pretty much whatever I wanted these past 4 days on vacation.

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