Goals for the Week Ahead


School Goals

  • Bible (830-9): Continue with Apologia ‘Who am I?, personal devotion times with the little ones using Grapevine Studies (stick figuring through the Bible)
  • Maths (9-945): B5 – 5 lessons; A7 – 8 lessons; C13 – 5 lessons; L13 – 4 lessons; T14 – 8 lessons
  • Morning Meeting  (945-1045): Mystery of History (2 lessons – The Salem Witch Trials, Jakob Amman: Founder of the Amish); Continue with our ancient Israel Studies (Using Heart of Wisdom read overview, go through step one (excite) and begin Step 2 (examine), Continue to learn about Abraham using The Victor Journey through the Bible/ Holman Bible Atlas.  Continue with African unit studies (cover African religions and countries, read aloud two African picture books each day) Picture books did not come through in time.  Will read them this week.
  • Individual Learning Topics (1045-1145): T14 – Complete Topic 2 in Section one of IGCSE Chemistry; L13 – Finish Starting a Micro business for Teens, Lesson one of mixed media art course, Lesson one of Drawing with Realism, Lesson one of Artists and their Art: Cezanne; C13 – continue with Here to Help Learning write a six chapter book course and begin Public Speaking course, and music practice; A7 continue withDinosaurs and the Bible course (lesson 6: The Dinosaur Hunters) and EdTechLens classes on the Rain Forests (Chapter 2: Lessons 1-4) Completed lesson one and two only.
  • Writing (1145-1215): T14 – Complete IGCSE Psychology questions in Chapters 5,6 and 7; L13 and C13 continue with Cover Story; A7 and B5 complete copy work and Rain Forest assignments
  • Nature Walk: Study Coppicing in the Ancient Woods We didn’t go for even one walk this week!  It’s very cold and we wanted to stay huddled to the fire!
  • Delight-Led Learning
    • C (of indeterminate age)  – Help children as required; Plan T’s final two years – what graduation requirements will he need to attain before he leaves our homeschool; Attempt to clear hallway again. Um.  No.  No excuse, no reason, just didn’t get to it 🙁
    • T14Finish off maths (plan to do two lessons per day); read Lessons 8 & 9 of IGCSE Psychology; begin project based on bringing electricity to the teen nook; continue to make bass guitar; do bike repairs and maintenance as and when required.  Watch Why Jesus? with L13 We have decided to watch these as a family in the evening as C13 said she’d love to rewatch them.
    • L13 – Project about African Jewellery; Write a journal entry every day about your project; jot down notes and take photos for your fortnightly post.  Watch Why Jesus? with T14  Write a list of supplies required for the second lesson of all three art courses.
    • C13 – Begin the Foundation for Teens Video Bible course –Apologetics   Do one session each afternoon.  Complete handout which goes with session.  Spend some time in discussion before completing the essay questions. Project based learning: Africa Religion, Myth and Music – Finish first post for blog.
    • A7 and B5 – Create a Paleontologist lab and become paleontologists; read Dry Bones and Other Fossils; focus project on Triceratops;  Continue chapter 3 of Apologia Astronomy.  One day, very soon, we will get to do the paleontologist lab.  It kind of depends on the hallway being cleared……

And this weeks:

School Goals

Bible: Older Children – 2 devotional lessons each, Little Children – Read Family Bible, All together – Apologia Who Am I? Chapter 2

Maths: T – 8 lessons, L – 4 lessons, C – 5 lessons, A – 5 lessons, B – A+ Maths 5 lessons

Morning Meeting: Mystery of History – Lesson 83 (Peter I – Czar of Russia) and Lesson 84 (Isaac Watts) (This finishes The Mystery of History Book 3); Africa – Unit Three (Examining Africa’s Diversity); – Read two African picture books; Israel – Continue to look at Abraham in Ancient Israel

Interest Led Learning: T14 – Finish Module Two (Atoms) of IGCSE Chemistry and send off Module Two Assessment; L13 – Lesson Two Great Artists (Hicks – oil on canvass), Lesson Two Mixed Media (Water colour Blue Bird), Lesson Two Drawing with Realism (Avocado still life); C13 – Lesson Two Public Speaking, Lesson Six of HeretoHelp book writing course, Piano practice, Present level two Music Theory; A7 – Lesson Three and Four of EdTech’s Light in the Rainforest, Watch Lesson Seven of Dinosaurs and the Bible; B5 – Lesson Three and Four of EdTech’s Light in the Rainforest

Writing: T14 – Psychology IGCSE Lessons 6 and 7; L13 and C13 – Continue with cover story; A7 and B5 – Writing for Lesson three and four of EdTech’s Light in the Rain Forest

Project Based Learning: T14 – Continue making his Bass Guitar / Teen Nook, Begin Mucis Theory level one and two, Do 20 minutes of guitarama; L13 – Finish Writing First Post for African Jewellery, continue to write in journal each day; C13 – Learn Lesson one of playing the Bongos – ask Daddy to help if necessary, Write a short report on the Bongos, Continue to write in journal each day, Continue with Teen Apologetics Course; A7 and B5 – Make a Rainforest in a Bottle, Learn about the Water Cycle, Triceratops, Finish Chapter Three of Apologia Astronomy

Here’s to another great week!


  1. Thanks for posting your goals for the new week as well as a look back at the previous weeks’ successes (or changes in plan =) ) – it’s nice to see a realistic portrayal of life.

    On a separate note, you might be interested in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8toQ_NNIQSs
    It is a youtube movie of traditional Burundian drumming. In case your geography is as bad as mine was, Burundi is a little country in eastern Africa, neighboring Tanzania and Rwanda. My sister is a missionary there and she introduced us to their national music. The performances are quite entertaining, involving some dance/acrobatics as well as music. I believe there are also groups that are all women, which your daughters might appreciate!

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