Goals for the Week Ahead


School Goals

  • Bible (830-9): Continue with Apologia ‘Who am I?, personal devotion times with the little ones using Grapevine Studies (stick figuring through the Bible)
  • Maths (9-945): B5 – 5 lessons; A7 – 8 lessons; C13 – 5 lessons or more; L13 – 5 lessons; T14 – 10 lessons
  • Morning Meeting (945-1045): Mystery of History (3 lessons – The Glorious Revolution; John Locke; the Salem Witch Trials); IGCSE Human Biology (Finish bones and joints part of syllabus); Begin our ancient Israel Studies (Using Heart of Wisdom read overview, go through step one (excite) and begin Step 2 (examine), Read about Abraham using The Victor Journey through the Bible.  Begin watching Abraham each day for 10 minutes.
  • Individual Learning Topics (1045-1145): T14 – begin IGCSE Chemistry; L13 – begin Starting a Micro business for Teens and Jewellery making; C13 – continue with Here to Help Learning write a six chapter book course and finish Music theory 2; A7 continue with Dinosaurs and the Bible course and EdTechLens classes on the Rain Forests
  • Writing (1145-1215): T14 – Complete IGCSE Psychology questions in Chapter 1 and hand in for marking; L13 and C13 continue with Cover Story; A7 and B5 complete copy work and Rain Forest assignments
  • Nature Walk: Complete a study of the brook and visit the Wishing Tree
  • Delight Led Learning:
    • C (of indeterminate age)  – Help children as required; clear and organise study area; research abdominal exercises;  home making; begin updating my Ancient Egypt posts
    • T14 – Finish off maths (plan to do two lessons per day); begin project based on bringing electricity to the teen nook; continue to make bass guitar; do bike repairs and maintenance as and when required
    • L13 – Jewellery making focusing on wire wrapping; project about Indian Jewellery; begin preparing for Springtime Splendor Mixed Media Art Course this week focusing on supplies and putting in own order on Amazon
    • C13 – Begin the Foundation for Teens Video Bible course – Complete Why Jesus?  Do one session each afternoon.  Complete handout which goes with session.  Spend some time in discussion before completing the essay questions.  Bring Bible 🙂
    • A7 and B5 – Create a Paleontologist lab and become paleontologists; read the Great Dinosaur Mystery; focus project on Triceratops;  begin chapter 3 of Apologia Astronomy.

I’m getting all excited about the week ahead….


  1. This all sounds really interesting, and I had a look at the foundations for teens course, which looks good- Thank you for mentioning it 🙂

  2. Looks like a very busy week, but knowing Angelicscalliwags, it will be done with great enthusiasm. Have a great one, Claire, of indeterminate age.;))

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