Gym Progress During April

I have taken my cardio outside the gym with a 50 minute walk with Harvey each morning. This means I am now only at the gym three times a week doing weights each time. This gives my body a day off in-between workouts to recover. My gym sessions last between 40-60 minutes and I go through the same routine each day. This month I have focused on increasing my reps from eight to ten rather than increasing the weights significantly. I have also learnt to use four more machines: the back extension bench, the lying angled leg curl machine, the seated rower and the shoulder press.

  • Bicep Curl: 40Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Tricep Extension: 70Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Abdominal Seated Crunch: 40Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Pec Deck: 40Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Leg Extension: 55Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Calf Raise Machine: 70Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Lying Angled Leg Curl Machine: 55Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Shoulder Press: 25Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Chest Press Machine: 40Ib – Three sets of ten
  • Seated Leg Curl: 25Ib – two sets of eight reps (this one hurts my right knee)
  • Seated dip machine: 70Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Lateral Raise: 60Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Seated Rowing Machine: 40Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Hip Abductor: 70Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Hip adductor: 70Ib – Three sets of ten reps
  • Back Extension Bench: No weight – Three sets of ten

My plans over the next month are to not increase the weights any further. I feel like my usually very flexible muscles are becoming less so the more I work them out. I still want to progress so I’m going to built up towards doing four sets of ten by the end of next month. My main goal however is to teach myself how to practice yoga. I’d love to include a short morning yoga flow into my morning routine and a longer evening one before bed as part of my bedtime routine.

How have you done this month, and what are your goals going forward?


  1. You are doing awesome!! I don’t know every one of these machines but I am impressed with the weight load you lift. I mostly use hand weights and only lift about 8 or 10 lbs per hand.

  2. It sounds like you are doing really well. At the moment my kettlebell is this only weight I am lifting, but I have heard/ read so much about weights being beneficial that I would like to increase that. The gym is too far away for me but it sounds great that you are using yours to its full potential!

    1. Yes, I think it’s particularly useful for menopausal women in terms of increasing bone density…at least that is my main goal x

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