Happy 13th Birthday, Abigail!

Today, my second youngest daughter turns thirteen. Thirteen?! Where did the years go? Sweetheart, I hope you have wonderful day, and all your dreams and wishes come true ❤️

You have totally grown into yourself this year. After months of lockdown you have thoroughly enjoyed being amongst friends at last, especially your closest friend, Evie Mae:

You are still the most placid and easy going of people, always putting other people’s needs above your own. Never having been a snuggly baby, it is funny now watching you glued to everyone and needing lots of hugs. We love it!

As someone on a mission to save the world, it was lovely to see how joyful you were opening your main birthday present – a wormery! Everyone was a little perplexed as to why I was giving my 13 year old daughter worms for her birthday. But I knew it was the perfect present. Live animals, environmentally friendly and just enough yuck to be appealing…what’s not to love? Especially for a nature loving eco warrior!

I will always be eternally grateful for the time homeschooling gave us all. I believe it was especially important for you. You were able to work at your own speed, in a fairly distraction free environment. Being so easily distracted, this was a God send for you. I have loved watching you as suddenly reading became easy, then your spelling suddenly improved and just this year maths suddenly fell into place. You just plug away every day, working hard and working steadily, never complaining or making any great fuss. You simply get on with it.

This is going to be a good year for you. And daddy and I feel so blessed to be walking through it with you. You are such a precious little girl and we love you so much.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl ❤️


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