Help, Please!

Sorry, that is rather a dramatic title isn’t it?  I could do with someone’s help though.

If you have been reading my blog for any time at all, you will know how absolutely useless I am at everything to do with the electronic world.  I can write a post, I can even add photos, but really, that is about it.  Everything else is an enigma to me.

I am facing the fact that I may need to monetise my blog in the future.  I know in order to do this I am going to need some help with social media.  At the risk of sounding like a complete numpty, I have been reluctant to use it because I don’t understand how it works.  I joined up to Face Book after I was asked to join a mum’s blogging network, and it was a requirement that I used Face Book.  After a month or so, I was feeling exposed and vulnerable so I shut it down.  I also belong to Google+, which I joined so that I could comment on my blogging friend’s blogs.  Lovely people have followed me on Google+ but I don’t know how to follow them back.  I never post anything there either (don’t know how).  And as for twitter and instagram….I am clueless!

I wondered if someone might take me under their wings and help me?   Perleeeeese…..?


  1. Hi Claire, social media is a two edged sword. I use it for my Dog Haven but like yourself I feel really exposed and have been on the receiving end of some very nasty people who seem to enjoy bringing other people down. However I do persevere as I also have a lot of very faithful supporters who encourage me to ignore the bad side of social media. I am sorry I am as bad as you about when it comes to techie so can’t help. I will however be very interested in what you find to help you.

    1. I will certainly share everything I learn, as long as I understand what I learn (!) I really don’t have a very electronically minded brain!
      I’m very interested to hear about your Dog Haven…..

      1. Hi Claire, it is a retirement home for old and disabled dogs in Bulgaria. I also have three young dogs who have broken backs and use wheelchairs. I have a closed group on Facebook if you would like the link to it. It is a closed group of really lovely people who support us from all over the world.

  2. Sorry, Claire, I’m afraid I’m of no help because blogging is as far as I would go in the virtual world. Getting on the social media is a slippery slope so I avoid it. But I’d like to send my well wishes to your search. 🙂

  3. I wish I could, however like yourself it’s a complete enigma to me ! I can just about do Facebook !


  4. I know a little from when I was on the Mosaic Homeschool review team. I had to be involved in social media because of the curriculum reviews. I felt exposed too and had to change my blog colors. There were a lot of little things I did not like. I have a twitter, pinterest, instagram and googl+ account. I also set up a separate Gmail email account for review and blog contacts. I used the WordPress share buttons and widgets to share my blog posts. I’ve ignored most of these accounts since leaving the team. I’ve always shared my blog on my personal Facebook page. Recently I’ve chosen put the link on my blog with the WordPress widgets. You cannot physically manage to be active on all platforms. I would just choose one and go from there. Slow and steady. You could try applying for the TOS Review Crew. They are taking applications now and you would be assigned a mentor if accepted on the team. Maybe there is also a product/curriculum review team in England? I’ll help you anyway I can.

    1. I have applied for TOS review crew, but I don’t know if they will want me or not.
      Thanks for the offer of help. I think you are right – one step at a time.

  5. Claire, I don’t claim to be an expert but if I can help you in any way, just let me know…I can stumble through the basics at any rate 🙂

  6. Honestly, the best way to find the answers you’re looking for is YouTube. Type in ‘Tutorial for Using Twitter’; you’ll get a multitude of videos showing you how to set it up, use it, and maximize your usage. The same goes for any other social media site and monitizing your blog.

    Each aspect would take way too long to explain here in written word, but with a quick search you can get all the answers you need.

    Have fun and good luck! (It’s really not as hard as it seems, really!)

  7. I’m no expert and am currently wondering about Instagram. If you do go for Facebook, make sure that you have a separate blog page from your personal page. This means that you are less exposed.

    1. Thank you Sarah. I have really seen your social media go from strength to strength over the past year or so. I wouldn’t have known to have a separate Facebook page just for my blog so thank you!

  8. I am WITH you, Claire…I too am where you are at…due to my age, self employment and living in the National Forest, I am overall, computer & blogger illiterate…whatever I do know, I had to teach myself…my blog has NO ads, just content because I do not know how….I will say tho’ I have kept a FB page & Twitter page but they are my homeschool ONLY….NO personal posts, ALL to promote my homeschool & interact with other educators….I have found I have MORE people & entities on my homeschool FB & Twitter than I do on my personal FB page…and those I do have on my FB & Twitter have joined me first because I do NOT know who is out there…Instagram & periscope are bewildering to me but others have jumped on the bandwagon and appear to be doing well… I DIG your blog in a MAJOR way & have followed you for several years now….YOU are one of my FAVS as I can RELATE…I also use your ideas in my homeschool with my older babes, so MANY, HUGE thanks for ALL you do with your babes & MANY, HUGE thanks for running your blog and sharing!!!

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