Homemade Handicrafts


Make time for some homemade handicrafts in your homeschool! It doesn’t need to be complicated or technically difficult. Opt for something simple, like these two Mr Men dolls. You don’t even really need to be that gifted in arts and crafts. It is the spending time together, whilst keeping hands busy. This encourages great conversations within an unpressurised environment.


Precious Time with Your Children

Each Saturday I spend two very precious hours with my older twin daughters.  They have me all to themselves and I have them all to myself.  We guard this time very protectively and have tried to make it as special as possible. 

First we walk, always hand in hand, three abreast, to the local charity shop in our village.  We LOVE charity shopping.  There are always bargains to be had, and you’re helping the charity at the same time.  It’s a win win situation! 

We then pop to the video shop for the girls to choose a dvd for our family video night and off we go home.  Once home we settle in to a tea, snack and our sewing. 

Homemade Handicrafts Time

Over the past few weeks we have been working on making some Mr Men toys for the little girls’ Easter Adventure Box.  The girls had particularly wanted to make Becca a present for her second birthday, which was at the weekend.  Of course they chose to make the Little Miss Twins!

I cut out some shapes of the Little Miss Twins from yellow felt.  The girls sewed on some eyes and a smile, and the legs and arms. Then, they sewed the two pieces together to end up with two Little Miss Twins:

Each one was stuffed and nearly finished, just needing a nose and bow:

Finished and ready to go to their new owner. And with the homemade Mr Man bag to be popped in and given to A2:

With the grateful recipient on her second birthday:

Homemade Handicrafts

Presents, made over time, with lots and lots of love!  The very best kind of present!


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