Homeschool Log Book {April}

Morning Meeting

We completed four Mystery of History lessons, finished chapter 4 of Who is God?, and continued reading about vitamins and minerals in our Apologia Anatomy & Physiology book. I read aloud four chapters of a Pocketful of Pinecones, read about the Twelve Labours of Hercules and continued reading The Illiad.

Rebecca (Age 11)

Becs completed five spelling lessons and five grammar lessons. Together we completed eight maths lessons, and Becs learnt how to add, subtract and multiply fractions.

For the rest of each morning Becs focused on trying to get Unit two of her level one Textiles qualification completed. She prepared for her presentation on the Textile Christmas cards she had designed:

I then filmed her presentation which I will be sending off to her tutor:

After lunch, Becs continued with her calligraphy course, using her new calligraphy fountain pen:

Began a new Scribbler box:

Becs really enjoyed this week’s lesson because she had never used art crayons before. Unfortunately she did not have all the colours necessary to copy the artist’s own work, so she started by experimenting with the crayons. Art crayons can be changed into paint by using a brush and water:

I may buy a black one for her, when we can afford it, so she can have a contrasting colour.

Lastly, we began a photography course. Unit 1 is all about exploring the camera and how it works. Lillie gifted Becs her Nikon D5100 and I have downloaded the Manual as well as some course sheet. This week Becca learnt how to turn it on; remove and charge the battery; take basic pictures using the auto setting and using the screen to view the pictures:

Becs also did a bit of research and jotted down all the other settings on the dial of the camera:

We’ve been looking at another creative craft course for Becs to do. She has a bit of free time in the afternoon that I want to fill up, and Becs has really enjoyed the structure of her textile’s course. We’re thinking of the mixed media craft course.

Abigail (Age 13)

Abigail completed eight maths lessons on decimals and completed her end of topic test and got 93%. She did half an hour of Spanish each day. For the rest of the morning she worked on a speaking exercise for her English. She was being assessed on her ability to present a project about renewable energy to an up and coming technology company:

I will be filming her over the weekend and will send it off on Monday.

Her afternoons are spent on all the different science curriculum she has chosen:

The first text is Activate Science. She is working on chapter 2: Levels of Organisation. The second is her GCSE in Environmental Management. She is currently working her way through ‘Agriculture and the Environment’. This is Abs favourite thing to study each week. This week included learning about soil, its structure, components, particle size and pH level. I’d bought her a soil testing kit which she thoroughly enjoyed using:

Abs spent this week working on lesson three of Apologia’s Chemistry and Physics, learning about the building blocks of creation: atoms, electrons, neutrons and the periodic table:

She also needed to practice her part in a play that her drama group are doing at Easter. Becca is always happy to run through her lines with her:

And lastly, Thomas popped in for a hug from his sisters (❤️) and I managed to get a photo of them all together, so thought I would include it here:

I hope you’ve all had a productive week and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you.


  1. I am very interested in your approach to teaching photography; my son is going to use that as his art credit for high school and I’m trying to pull something together. What a wonderful week!!

  2. Maybe you can find something suitable for Rebecca on They offer free art education for people who can’t attend art school. They post their videos on YouTube too. Also is a good place to learn everything about Art History.

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