Homeschool Plans for Rebecca {Aged 12-13}

My plans for Abigail are based very much on her goals for her future and her interests. She loves everything science related. Becs, in contrast, does not! Becs finds all things academic incredibly hard. We are thinking about getting her tested for dyslexia. It is an expensive endeavour in the UK, and she doesn’t show all the common symptoms. However, she does seem to read things wrongly and spell phonetically. And compared with my other children (the only experience I have) she has found learning to read really hard, and at 12 she is still struggling to spell words she learnt years ago.

So, with this in mind, and also taking into account the fact that creativity springs out of every pore in her body, we have decided not to go down the GCSE route. This is not as scary as it sounds because we have been here before with Lillie. Lil did not go down GCSE or A level route but has managed to get into a top art university. Instead we will be doing Level 2 Diplomas followed by Level 3 Diplomas.

Morning Meeting

First thing in the morning will be our morning meeting (between 9-930), which lasts about 30 minutes, sometimes longer. In this time, I will be focusing on Mystery of History (finishing Mystery of History Vol 2: The Early Church and the Middle Ages and starting Vol 3: Renaissance) and The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way. We will also be looking at a double spread of ‘ART: A Children’s Encyclopaedia’.

Studying the Master’s of Art {9.30-10}

Between 9.30 and 10, Becs will be copying one of the master artists from our study of ‘ART: A Children’s Encyclopaedia’. I have done this before with both Lillie and Becca. Becca seems to learn a lot from this and she really enjoys knowing about these well known artists.

Maths {10-11}

Becs will use Conquer Maths. She is well on her way through Key Stage 3 maths and this may very well be one GCSE she will take. Becs finds maths very easy and is likely to finish Key Stage 3 this year and start her GCSE maths shortly after.

Break/Jog in the Park {11-11.30}

I want to encourage the girls to use their breaks to go outside. Becca jogs most days to ensure she is fit enough for the football she will be starting at the end of this month. Abs, Charlotte, Lillie (when she is around) and I will jog with her.

After the jog, I will make everyone a fruit smoothie which Becs can drink as she studies.

English {11.30-12.30}

This is a tough one for Becca and I’m still undecided how she will learn this year. I think I will still have her go over to mum’s to do spelling. Mum is very detail orientated and excellent at helping out with things that require memorisation. In addition, I am probably going to have Becca do some short courses (English based) from Homemade Education. The first is a short Journalling Course and the second is a short Blogging Course. I will also slowly take her through Help Your Kids with English just to make sure she understands the mechanics of the English Language.

Lunch {between 1230-130}

Level One Diplomas

Each afternoon, Becca will work on one of her Level One diplomas. She is currently studying for Textiles, Mixed Media and will start Photography this year. As she is half way through both Textiles and Mixed Media, Becs will study for these for one afternoon each per week. She will work on photography two afternoons a week in order to finish it next summer, at the same time as the Textiles and Mixed Media.

On a Friday she will be completing the fun course she is doing with Homemade Education called Ellis’s Worldventures – 1 year Design & Technology Curriculum Program. She started this last term and it is a fun, non academic course which she is learning stacks from.

Extra Curricular Activities

Historically, Becs has been more like me… prefers being at home and is a bit of an introvert. However, the past year or so she has really come out of herself and is fast becoming Little Miss Social Butterfly. She will be doing lots more this year.

She volunteers at Children’s Church on a Sunday morning with Abs and also attends the Youth Group Sunday evening, which her sister Lillie will be running over the next couple of months. On a Monday, Becs takes part in a local homeschool sport’s group. She also attends a Bible Study Youth Group on a Monday Evening.

On a Tuesday, she attends children’s choir and then heads back to a friend’s house for dinner and some Mine Craft. On a Friday, she will be starting football with a local girls’ football team. This will finish just in time for her to continue volunteering at the youth club for adults with learning difficulties, again run by Lillie. She may also be playing in football matches on a Sunday.

Hopefully we have a lovely busy year ahead of us!


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