Interviewing the Sassy Sol!

homeschool astronomy

Each Thursday the older girls get out of maths to spend some time doing a bit of school work with the little ones.  They are (un)surprisingly enthusiastic about this.  I mean no maths….what more needs to be said?  This morning they were putting on a reader’s theatre type play as Charlotte became an interviewer and Lillie became Mr Sol, the sun:

homeschool astronomy

It started quite sensibly, as the girls read out the questions and answers provided.  The little ones watched on avidly, soaking in all they could about this sun of ours (this was part of their astronomy work).  I was snapping away (as usual).  It soon began to fall apart at the seams when Lillie started to become a bit cheeky (Mr Sol).  Then the adlibbing commenced as the interviewer (Charlotte) observed just how sassy Mr Sol was being:

homeschool astronomy

I didn’t notice anything amiss until Charlotte screeched at Lillie (Mr Sol), “You’re just like a Kardashian sun!!”  and both girls then erupted into chuckles and chortles.  Eh?  I had read the script and I was fairly sure the Kardashians were not mentioned.  Not even once.  It was, after all, a learning-about-the-sun play.  It was designed to be serious, and y’know, educational.

All four girls had now dissolved into sniggers as Mr Sol made the comment that he could not even shower without the whole world looking on….and sharp-as-a-tack Charlotte interjected, “..but doesn’t that dampen your shine?!”.  At this point they were almost apoplectic with giggles:

Gotta to love enthusiastic, adlibbing teens!  I love being a mother  🙂


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