Ideas, Please!

Yesterday, our insurance company deemed our ten year old range cooker unrepairable and offered us a new one! I couldn’t believe it! On Saturday we will take delivery of a brand new cream range cooker – what an incredible insurance company (Domestic and General)

We were going to pay to have the old one taken away, but I’m thinking it is a really cool piece of furniture and I am sure I could use it in the garden… I’m thinking ‘I’ could add a wooden top to it and use it as a potting table… for all those pots ‘I’ fill up… or a barbeque helper – again adding a top and then using the oven and grill for storage of charcoal and utensils etc… What do you think?

Any other crazy ingenious ideas? It is too lovely to just chuck away!


  1. I think those are both great suggestions! I did a quick Google search for “repurpose an old stove” and lots of suggestions (particularly for the garden) showed up under images.

    1. I thought it was such a unique idea, but there are huge numbers of instagram and pinterest posts about using a cooker out in the garden…who knew?!

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