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This is a home made curriculum we have done on and off for the past few years.  I add to it as and when we come upon suitable topics in our other areas of study.  No doubt it will expand over the next few years.  As the title suggests, during our Incr-Edible science we learn about the science of food and drink.  I started this because one of my daughters loves to cook and I thought it might be helpful if she ever made her future in the cooking industry  As it turns out we all enjoy this type of science, primarily because there tends to be a food reward at the end!

This post includes all the Incr-Edible posts I have ever written (so far), all in one place.

Making Lemonade Part One


Making Lemonade Part Two

T11 taking his first sip.  I had done a trial run the night before and it was revolting!!

Making Lemonade Part Three

He added the Bicarb

Acid/Base Reactions in food

Soda Bread Science

The buttermilk bread is on the left, the milk on the right and the one made with our homemade buttermilk substitute was in the middle

Making Your Own Baking Powder

However, after one minute the baking powder was still going strong, whilst the homemade one had ceased gas production all together.

Sour Dough Bread Starter

24 hours later

Using Yeast in the Kitchen

Ribbet collage balloon

Bacteria and yogurt Making

DSC_0612final yog

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