Interview with Thomas, aged 14


How have you felt about this year?

It has been fast, busy, tiring at times, productive, eye-opening and rewarding.  And I guess exciting because I have found a love of music I didn’t know I had.

What have you learnt about yourself this year?

I am capable of a lot if I put my mind to it

Never wish to grow up, because one day it might happen 🙂

I love music so much and it has opened so many doors such as playing in bands and leading worship

I have so much I want to do but don’t seem to have enough time to do it all 🙂

Every choice I have is now made with a view to my future, which is very exciting

What are you most proud of this year?

My IGCSE physics

Teaching myself guitar

Building my bass guitar from scratch

What are you least proud of this year?

When I first began playing the guitar I think it was more for my glory instead of God’s.  After I changed this perspective and focused on God, my guitar playing became much more enjoyable and I became much more proficient at it.

What have you enjoyed the most?

Playing the guitar; mountain biking; spending time with my friends; most of my school and I have also enjoyed my relationship with my twin sisters.

What have you enjoyed the least?

Algebra and writing

What would you like to change?


Do you feel like you have complete autonomy over your learning?

Yes, but I would prefer not to do the ten week writing you have in store for me!  But I understand why I need to do it.  (The college requires him to be studying for his English and Maths GCSE in order to secure funding)

Would you like more autonomy? No, I enjoy your input, and I like the fact we are able to change things around when they don’t work.  I feel like we are partners.

What are you looking forward to next year?

I am looking forward to the Engineering course (if I am accepted), learning even more guitar, taking a few more GCSEs/IGCSEs and possibly starting to play another instrument.

Thomas is a very chatty young man and he and I spend hours each day in conversation, so none of this came as a surprise to me.  I am aware that I have pretty much handed the reins of his education over to him and he is now an almost entirely self-directed learner.  In fact, he is a man pretty much in full charge over his life.  Gary and I offer our opinion any time he asks, but really the decisions are now his to make.

Thomas is happy, content and fully engaged with his life; I couldn’t be more delighted 🙂


  1. What a lovely read. It sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship. I love learning & playing guitar too, it’s so meditative. (And thank you for your great question on my blog. It’s been a weird week & I’ve been rather neglectful over there as a consequence. And funnily enough I’d just been writing a Navigating By Joy post about how our home-ed’s been going.😊So, more soon!)

  2. It is interesting to hear a child’s view on his or her’s education. Thank you for sharing. He is obviously a very mature young man.

  3. Ya, super cool interview. I love how he seemed willing, I did this as a guest post at Canadian Homeschooling, for both my kids, but it was like pulling teeth. They were honest but they were glad when it was over. Brats! 😛 Thank you Thomas! and Mum

  4. Lovely! I find it so helpful to do this with my kids each year. Thomas sounds very musical just like Dean. I bet they would be friends if an ocean didn’t separate them.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. Wonderful to read about the year from Thomas’s perspective. It sounds like he’s a young man who knows himself well, and loves his family very much. Thanks for sharing, T. My daughter M would love to hang out with you if you weren’t across the pond from us!

  6. What a lovely idea to interview T and the girls! They sound very mature, and enjoying homeschooling together 🙂

  7. ‘Made me tear up a bit. His comments were so honest, and sweet. Especially how he appreciates your input, and that you’re partners. <3

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