Introducing……The New Bedroom!

Gary’s parents have been visiting for the past week and Gary and Tom (his Dad) have been working some magic in our lovely but small cottage.  We live in what is essentially a two bedroom 200-year-old cottage.  Gary and I sleep in what was the office down stairs, the four girls sleep upstairs in one room and T sleeps in his own smaller room upstairs.  We lack space of any kind really.  We have no garage or roof space so have nowhere to store anything.  However one peculiarity of our cottage is its large hallway.  This hallway is thin leading from the kitchen but extends to a larger area to the back of the house.  As we are a large family of seven it is vital we use every spare inch.  It is this area we changed into a school room.  However, since then the need for an extra bedroom has surpassed the need for a school room so we made the decision to change the school room to a bedroom for the little girls.

Gary had already closed off the narrow area with a new door way:

The new doorway (not quite finished), splitting our hallway in two

This left a good-sized space the other side:

Ribbet collageroom1

The door at the back is our bedroom door.

The boys got to work, swiftly constructing the new wall.  This wall would create a bedroom behind it, whilst keeping enough room an office and smaller hallway in front of it:

Constructing the wall with any little helpers who happened to want to help Grandad
Constructing the wooden framework with any little helpers who happened to want to help Grandad
Next the plaster board was screwed onto the wooden framework
Next the plaster board was screwed onto the wooden framework
Wall completed, onto the door
Wall completed, onto the door
Finishing off the door fittings
Finishing off the door fittings
One of the helpers trying out hyer new door
One of the helpers trying out her new door
Painted both sides
Painted both sides

Then it was my turn to hang some curtains, cover mattresses and put on new duvet covers and pillow cases.  We already had some really thick, warm, green velvet curtains which had belonged to Gary and I in the early days of our marriage.  They had been passed on to T13 until we bought his star ones last week.  The little girls had chosen (with some help and guidance) a woodland theme and these curtains were perfect!  They need to be shortened which I shall do soon….

Ribbet collageroom2

Gary and his little helper,B3, brought the girls’ bunk-beds down stairs and rebuilt them in their new room:

Ribbet collageroom3

And here they are all made.  We had spent some of the girls’ Christmas money on a light each above their head, so A6 can read without disturbing B3.  Here Gary is putting them up:


And the final room:




The other side is not quite ready yet but I am hopeful that we will have it tidy with their toys organised by the weekend:


We had also sent off for a beautiful owl night-light, but it hadn’t arrived yet.  Instead we used some led fairy lights wrapped around the bottom of the bunk.  It looked warm, homely and the little ones could not wait to go to bed!


The room is very little, and we have to walk through it to get to ours, but for the two girls it was like we had handed them a palace, they were so happy.


  1. The curtains are perfect for a woodland theme bedroom – and the fairy lights were a wonderful touch for a first night! I can just imagine that as happy as your little ones were, you must have had two equally happy older girls, snuggled up in a palace of their own, as well.

    1. I adore our cottage. It is a dream come true for me. But practically speaking (which I’m not often) it is a little on the small size and is very quirky with regards to room distribution.

  2. It looks beautiful Claire! I love those curtains – especially the colour! I am sure your Litllies must be thrilled with their new little kingdom!

    1. Thanks Dawn. I often wonder who lived here during the 200 years it has been standing. It was built to be a workers cottage for the people who worked in the pottery workshop which was on the land which is now our garden.

  3. I grew up in a tiny house filled with six kids, two adults and various pets, so I can relate to the need to use every precious inch. This bedroom is great! On the upside of tiny spaces, my mom is convinced that we remain such a close-knit family now because we had no private space during our growing up years to hide and pout or harbor anger. We had to learn to get along and get over our disagreements quickly -it’s pretty hard to give the cold shoulder to a sister who shares a double bed with you. Once you get in the habit of forgiving quickly, it stays with you!

    1. It is lovely, really really special. We have wooden beams, old wood worm holes, an old chimney breast going up through the girls room which helps heat it in winter, original 200 year old red brick walls….I could go on. I love it. We just don’t have much space, which probably wouldn’t matter if the children went to school but with all the paraphernalia which comes with home schooling we are a little cramped!

  4. Love it! I, too, think a 200 year old cottage sounds just lovely. I am sure the girls are just thrilled to pieces about having their new room. That is a fantastic use of space. The curtains are so fitting for a woodland-themed bedroom.
    I imagine Gary had a great time working with his dad. I am sure the older girls are excited about their space, too.
    Hugs to you, my friend.:)

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