Language Aids {Master’s Chronicles #03}

Master's in Childhood and Youth Studies

Each Tuesday I work my way through the work set for me by my university. I am currently running a few weeks ahead of the game. This is completely on purpose just in case Charlotte’s health takes a turn for the worse or one of my other children needs me. Last week I covered most of the unit’s work apart from the 9 hours of personal study time, including the reading of 2-4 suggested research articles.

I’ve struggled to settle today. Yesterday, I worked an 18 hour stretch. I was doing arty farty things and small business things so I hardly noticed the time go by. And Gary (who is usually my leveller) was watching the football…

It is possible I worked a little too long yesterday and it’s affecting my concentration today.

I think I’ve mentioned before that my first assignment is a critical evaluation of an article of our choice within the units we have completed. I chose an article on neuroparenting and since then I have been working on it (fairly) diligently each day.

Neuroparenting and the government’s use of it as a cure for all social ills is a scary move in politics within the UK, America and Australia. Change a few of the words and there is definitely an air of dictatorship about it. It’s interesting because the piece I am critically analysing is so obviously biased in terms of the author’s opinion of neuroparenting as a political concept. The review is less so, but what happens when the person who is meant to be critically analysing the critical study of neuroparenting is also heavily biased? I am reading around the article, which has led to me reading the author’s book on the subject. I find myself screaming out in agreement with her. Literally, I find it really hard to even understand the government’s take on this.

I’ve been making notes and going through the uni’s course on critical analysis (again). Having taken a year out to look after Charlotte, I want to make sure I remember what I’m meant to be doing! To this end, I have created some cards with the types of language the course is looking for:

I love an aesthetic study board 🤭

I now have pages and pages of notes and am very close to being able to actually write my assignment. The problem (as it always is with me) will be contracting down the approximate twenty or so pages (actually, I just counted and I have 31 pages of notes) into 1500 words 😧

Oh, crumbs!

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