Learning My ABC’s: Five Ways to Reinforce Letter Learning (Bb)


  • I wrote out the letter Bb onto a piece of card stock and gave B4 some play dough to make up the letter from, using the home made play dough letter mat.  This activity helped B to see and make the shape of a Bb:

Ribbet collageletterb2

  • I wrote a big B and little b onto the chalk board and B4 sprayed the letters with shaving foam.  This activity helped her to remember the shape the letter Bb made:

Ribbet collagebbbbbbbbb

  • I filled a ziplock bag full of paint and using a Q tip B4 created the letters B and b by writing them in the paint.  This activity helped her remember how to write the letter B:

Ribbet collageletterb3

  • I made up a Bb basket full of bits and pieces I found around the house which began with the b sound.  This activity reminded her that letters made the beginning sounds of words and allowed her to practice her recognition of the b sound:

Ribbet collagebecs6

  • Using the home made black board table I wrote lots of letters all over in chalk being sure to include four capital B’s and four little b’s (four because she is four years old and it is therefore easy for her to remember). Using a peg with a wet cotton wool ball she splodged each B and b she found.  This activity was to help her to recognise the letter Aa even when hidden among many other different letters:

Ribbet collageletterb1

Next week I will have five more hands on activities to reinforce letter recognition.


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