Learning the Art Basics: Colour Theory

Colour Theory

This is a copy of Lillie’s eighth art lesson, which was all about colour theory. The final task was to create a colour still life of fruit. She loved this lesson and learnt such a lot that she will be able to apply to her jewellery making in the future. This time, instead of a notebook she popped all her work into a pdf file. This will allow her to use any of her work in her final project as it won’t be stuck down in her note book. Plus it saved an enormous amount of work. It’s not quite as fun this way but we are all extremely time poor this summer and anything which saves time is a bonus 🙂  Unfortunately this method does not quite flow as well for a blog, as there seem to be lots of blank spaces.

Learning about Colour Theory

Anyway here is Lil’s take on colour theory:

Colour Theory
Colour Theory

After learning about Newton’s conceptual arrangement of colour, Lil researched Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Goethe expanded upon Newton’s colour wheel:

She then moved onto Frantisek Konkani, an artist who delighted in colour usage:

Introducing the Colour Wheel and its Applications

Lillie did lots of work exploring the colour wheel and it’s applications. She drew and created different colour wheels: a pastel wheel, a bead wheel and a polymer clay colour wheel. My favourite was the colour wheel bracelet she made:

Colour Theory

Colour Theory in Advertising and Business

Lillie researched the use of colour theory in advertisement and business. She went on to make herself a business card for her own fledgling business:

Applying Knowledge of Colour Theory in Still Life Art

Lillie focused first on drawing and colouring fruit, first using single pieces and then a whole bowl:

Colour Theory
Colour Theory


Edited to add:

Lil is becoming quite an accomplished artist and I am so enjoying watching her blossom under her tutor 🙂


  1. Wow!! Lilly is an amazing artist. I can’t imagine where God is going to take her with this talent. I love these posts. And I must say I adore the blue flower canvas. I think that’s my favorite, but the still life paintings (and everything else) are also so well done.

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