Let the Little Children Come {Review}

Let the Little Children Come

Let the Little Children Come is a company which offers child evangelism tools and tracts, such as their Halloween tract: Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract.

What are ‘Is There Anything Better Than Candy?’ Box-Tracts?

Let the Little Children Come Halloween TractThese are not like any tracts I have ever seen before!  They come in packs of twenty pieces of card.  Each piece of card is double printed with the outline of a pumpkin:

Each arm contains a message guiding the reader away from Halloween (in fact Halloween is never mentioned) and towards Jesus, ending with a suggested prayer to ask Jesus into their life:

Each pumpkin is pre-punched and simply requires the user to push out the shape.  This makes it so easy, especially for little hands, or for those who might find cutting difficult:Construction from here is simple.  With the writing side faced upwards, the user simply gathers the two stalk pieces and slots them through the slits in the remaining arms:

Just before the last arm is secured atop the stalks, the user can fill the tract up with sweeties or some other appropriate treat.  We filled ours with jelly beans but mini homemade muffins or flapjacks would work just as well:

How Did We Use The ‘Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box Tracts?

The little ones and I put together a box-tract for them to fill with goodies for their Grand-parents.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed making these, finding it very easy.  The card it fairly robust, so it handles being fiddled with quite roughly 😉  The best part was, of course, filling them with treats!  I think they would have liked to have kept them for themselves, but were delighted to go next door to give their non-Christian Granny one, as well as wrapping a couple more to take to Northern Ireland with us to give to their other set of grand parents.

There are a multitude of fun ways these tracts could be used:

  • If there are trick or treaters around your area you could hand them out.  We are blessed to be so hidden away most people don’t know our house even exists so we never get any trick or treaters.
  • They could be used in a Sunday School class or youth group at church, using them either to teach the kids or to help them to use them to teach their friends.
  • The boxes could be pre-assembled and filled with tasty treats, for the children to take to the local nursing home.  They can then share Jesus with the grandmas and grandpas.
  • The boxes could be given to a faith-based food pantry, so they can give them out to kids who come through.

These are all GREAT ideas, but I knew immediately how we would be using them.  My older three volunteer with a group for adults with learning difficulties.  They meet up every other Friday, and I just knew these would be PERFECT for them to use near to Halloween.  Lillie helps out with the art and craft activity they have each time the group meets, and she offered to run the one in the run up to Halloween.  We would provide the treats and the box-tracts, and she would help the members make their very own to take home.

What Did We Think of the ‘Is There Anything Better Than Candy?’  Box-Tracts?

I was surprised by how much I loved these.  I had never heard of box-tracts before, and I LOVED these.  The quality was top notch, the ease of use was perfect for both children and the adults whose dexterity might have struggled with cutting with scissors.  Size-wise, again they are perfect for small hands and are small enough to not hold too many sweet treats 🙂  They are colourful and appealing, and create something beautiful and meaningful.  I would definitely give these a huge thumbs up.  They are a great product!

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