Life of Fred: Dogs Revision Booklet {Free Download}

Life of Fred Dogs

I have created Life of Fred: Dogs revision booklet. My focal topics for Life of Fred: Dogs were Doubles and Functions. The revision booklet contains lots of activities for learning doubles and understanding functions. I always keep my revision booklets simple and very easy. I want to know they understand the concept, rather than stretching them.

Life of Fred: Dogs Revision – Doubles

I created a few fun games to make doubling numbers second nature. My girls are great at doubling, and can now apply the concept to much higher numbers and also apply their knowledge to other areas in maths.

Each page comes with instructions:

Life of Fred: Dogs

And clear, simple charts to write in. The activities use things usually found in a home school home, such as dice:

Life of Fred: Dogs

As well as cards and dominoes:

Life of Fred: Dogs Revision – Functions

Functions are one of the most important concepts to learn as it crops up in all sorts of maths, for example sequences and patterns. I created a fun doubles function machine, which my girls loved to use:

Life of Fred: Dogs

We will be revisiting functions lots in the future, and will be using a similar machine, albeit with a different function.

For your free Life of Fred: Dogs download simple click on the picture below and print:

Life of Fred: Dogs

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