Lillie’s Foundation Art Diploma Based on her Twin’s Hallucinations

Lillie has just produced her final piece for her diploma. She has been working very hard on a project inspired by Charlotte’s hallucinations. Sleeping in the same room as twin means that Lillie has experienced her sister’s hallucinations alongside her, but, of course, from an entirely different perspective. Using her sister’s descriptions, feelings and writings about her experience with hallucinations, as well as her own, Lillie has created many large pieces of art work.

Her tutor suggested she make a booklet showcasing photos of her best pieces of work. The booklet was to be without any words so that her art did the talking. The art ranges from 3D models, photography, huge mixed media canvases, sketches, and digital work. Smattered between the photos are Charlotte’s own words about what she sees and hears.

This booklet demonstrates the twins’ struggle and exposure to these scary phenomena. They are not comfortable to look at because Lillie has sought to represent the horror and terror in a realistic way. It has been a difficult, emotionally draining project to complete. She has poured everything into this and is very relieved for it to be over. She will have to wait a while before she knows if she has passed, but I think she is extremely pleased with the end product.

I will post the photos as they would be seen in the booklet, and I will not include any explanations so as to try to let the art speak alone:

Lillie, I am so proud of you. I know you know this, but I really am. You are amazing. You have managed to take something so uncomfortable, something so scary and have created art to represent the pain and terror both you and your sister feel when she experiences those hallucinations. You faced your own fear, staring it right in the face and not allowing it any power in your life. This was a difficult project for you, but wow, you have done it justice!

You are very talented, my darling. And I know you will make an incredible art therapist when you finally finish all your studying to get there. God never turns anything back empty. He will use these difficult times with your sister’s health to strengthen your understanding of children who have experienced traumatic events. I am so so proud of the incredible young lady you are. I love you sweetheart.

PS. Can I suggest your next art project is on lambs, fluffy clouds and sunshine?!


  1. Wow
    Just wow
    I can’t get over how raw and real the images look and how well they show fear
    Well done Lillie!
    From June Baker

  2. Wow! It’s amazing! What a pleasure it has been to watch Lillie develop her art over the years. I love what you said about God never turning anything back empty— so true. Strong, loving, talented and impressive girls you have there. Tel Lillie she did a wonderful job!

  3. These images are so powerful; I have goosebumps. Lillie has really come into her own. She is so talented. I have been praying for Charlotte. This really hits home just how horrible this has been for everyone.

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