Little Miss Splendid’s Spa Party

My five-year old turned six last week and she was desperate for a Little Miss Party just like her sister.  In an attempt to make the two parties vastly different and to reflect the fact that she was a big girl six we opted for a spa party.  Not maybe the most sensible option for a mother who has no sort of beauty routine AT ALL and never even paints her nails, but hey ho maybe I would learn something!  Apologies for the excessive number of photos.

Usually, on birthdays, Gary has the day off.  This was not possible this year as he had just started his new job and had not accrued enough days holiday.  Gary asked A6 if she minded waiting until he got home to open her presents, which she was happy to do.  The fact that he was at work changed the pattern of events slightly with us holding her birthday party in the early evening rather than the day time.  This meant most of the day was spent preparing for the party.  And prepare we did.

Having just cleared our soon to be learning room, we then went about turning it into Little Miss Splendid’s Spa.  First things first was to make a sign to go on the door:


Next I decorated the ceiling basing my logic on the fact that the children couldn’t reach the ceiling and the decorations would have a half way chance of actually staying up.  I used crepe paper, balloons and some paper plate Mr Men models the little ones had made for their Mr Men school.  I may have gone a little over board:



I decorated our sideboard and got out all the bits and pieces I had bought for the spa:


The plan was to set up little mini stations around the room for the girls to alternate activities.  First I set up the nail Salon:


On the left of the bottom photo you can see the electric foot spa where the girls would relax whilst having their hands done.  They would then move to the chair on the right where they would have their feet done, whilst their hand nails dried.  I also created a relaxation area for the girls to go to allow their feet to dry.  Here I included the very latest spa magazines (Little Miss books) and refreshments:



We brought out the brightly coloured tea set and filled the tea-pot with milk, the milk jug with strawberry milkshake syrup and the sugar dish with tasty, brightly coloured MnMs.

Next up was the lips and scents area.  Here we would be making bath salts coloured and scented with each girl’s choice and poured into some ready decorated bags to use in the foot spa and to take home after the party:

DSC_0953lips and scents

This would then change to become the lip gloss and perfume making lab:

DSC_0946lips and scents2

I took a couple of close up photos of the lip balm lab and the perfume lab so you could see what each contained.  I also provided Little Miss stickers for them to decorate their perfume bottle and lip balm pot:


DSC_0906lipbalm make

I had bought a Polaroid type camera where the photos come straight out of the camera and develop on the spot.  I thought some sort of photo booth would be fun and then the girls would be able to take home a photo of themselves as a memento of the party.  With this in mind, I cut out a wonky fun frame and added a paper plate Little Miss Splendid and hung it from our stair case.  The girls would then be able to go behind the photo frame and have portrait photos taken:



I quickly made up  three party bags to take home (there were only five girls in all, two of which were mine).  I used brown sandwich bags which I decorated with Little Miss pictures cut out from books or magazines.  Each child had a Mr Men colouring book, a set of Little Miss crayons and a Mr Tickle bubble wand.  I placed these on the window sill for decoration and also for the girls to be able to place inside all the goodies they would be making themselves:

DSC_0938going home bags

Last but not least I made up some picnic boxes and decorated them with Little Miss cut outs and gave each girl a sandwich, a Smartie cookie in a home-made Little Miss cookie bag, fruit juice, crisps and fruit cabobs.  I popped these all on the side board awaiting our guests:

DSC_0951food bags

I quickly decorated the cake and that also went on the side board, everything adding to the decoration of the Little Miss theme:



Last but not least we threw a Little Miss blanket on the floor for the party picnickers and then tossed a whole heap of coloured paper bits everywhere:

DSC_0958whole room

At last Gary arrived home and we had a flurry of paper tearing and exclamations of joy, not to mention a few hugs along the way:







Then the party:

Munching on their picnic
Munching on their picnic
Making bath salts
Making bath salts
Foot spa with baths salts added
Foot spa with baths salts added
Relaxing with the foot spa
Relaxing with the foot spa
Manicure was carried out by our lovely friend Leah.  Thanks Leah!
letting nails dry
letting nails dry
Relaxing with some milk shake
Relaxing with some milk shake


making perfume
making perfume
fun photos
fun photos


The camera was a huge hit
The camera was a huge hit
and resulted in some really cute photos to take home
and resulted in some really cute photos to take home
Fun with Gary
Fun with Gary
Lots of home made goodies to take home
Lots of home-made goodies to take home

Until at last we brought out the cake, sung happy birthday and the birthday girl made her wishes and blew out her candle:


Sweetheart, you are so beautiful, both inside and out and we love you very much!


  1. It looks like a wonderful party! And A6 looks so grown up in that last photo! You can really see what she’ll look like in five years. I’m glad you took so many pictures 🙂

    1. Little Miss and Mr men are characters from a set of books written when I was a child. The books are lovely small books full of colourful characters, and all of their names are based on adjectives which also describe their character/personality.

  2. I love “Little Miss” and your fabulous spa idea! Little Miss and her friends would be very easy to sew ;)!
    My princess will turn 6 in December… But first the children want to have a “full day and half night-program” Halloween-Party, instead of going out for Trick or Treat. It´s not easy to find new attractions every year.
    Have a nice week!

    1. The older girls love to sew Mr Men and Little Miss toys for their younger sisters. A doesn’t quite have the patience or concentration for sewing yet. One day…

  3. What a fantastic party, Claire. It looks like everyone had such fun. A is just beautiful! She looks so grown up now that she is six. You all did a wonderful job on all the decorations and the different stations. I think any grownup would love a party like that! Please tell A we wish her a most happy birthday.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have to share next week.

    1. Thanks Donna. She does seem to have grown up overnight and is much ‘older’ than her brother and sister were at that age. Sigh. It all goes so quickly.

  4. That was so lovely and gorgeous that party, and Abigail is so gorgeous, It sounded really good. Well done Clair xxxxx and love to all your family

  5. I’m late to the party! Happy belated birthday to A6! What a fantastic and memorable party! A6 looks absolutely gorgeous in the last photo. So grown up and ladylike! 🙂

    1. She is looking grown up isn’t she? She makes me laugh because she now (since turning 6) keeps saying she will clean up any mess she makes because she is a big girl now! Long may it last!!

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