Loo Roll and Other Important Stuff…

Hellooooooooo! Yes, I am still alive and kicking, and juggling my family which has increased by two members as we’ve had friends staying with us for a couple of months as one of them convalesces after a major operation.

I always love to see how God expands our house to fit as many bodies as we need to. Never before has the Bible story of the fish and loaves seemed so alive to me. We’ve joked that if necessary we could start hanging hammocks from the beams over our dining room table. What’s really, really funny is watching Gary giggle nervously as he weighs up the chances I am actually joking with the fact that he wouldn’t put it past me to be totally serious. Lol….Gary obviously knows me too well πŸ˜‰

The Corona virus is finally more of a reality as we see the empty shelves in our local supermarket. Finding enough loo roll for nine people was hard enough before the virus hit. Now it is nearby impossible! I do a normal shop and get frowned at because I am clearly taking more of my fair share of produce! Except there are nine bottoms to wipe, actually were nine bottoms. Our friends moved out into their own flat on Saturday. So only seven bottoms now. Still more than the national average per residence but I still feel guilty for picking up two pack of loo rolls instead of just one. And don’t even get me started on the pasta…

Mum, at 74, has decided to self isolate following advice to older people so I’ll be shopping for her over the next few weeks. And you know what that means? Yes, another bottom!

I am thinking disguises are the way to go. Trench coats… hats…. mustaches… pepper spray… hmmm. Maybe not. I will not be beaten though. Have seven people in my family. Am not afraid to use them all. Loo roll watch out. We are coming for you. With separate trolleys if necessary. There will be no getting away.

Peculiar to think this is all because of a respiratory infection. I’d understand if the colon was involved in any way…

There really is none so strange as man.

But the Lemmings theory dictates that we follow the crowd…

…and of course we don’t want to be caught out sans loo roll πŸ˜‰

Looks like there will be lots of time in my day for posting catch up posts as I have many children at home off work and college. Oh and February is over and you know how much I hate February.

Time to start blogging again, me thinks!


  1. Good luck on finding supplies! It’s like that here in the U.S. too and has so many of us shaking our heads and trying to understand the logic.

    1. Yes! Today they made me put back two packs of pasta because we are now only allowed to buy one pack. Our family needs more than one pack for one meal, never mind about stock piling!

  2. It’s good to hear from you again. I enjoy reading your posts despite never having left a comment. You are an encouragement to many!

  3. Sooo good to hear from you. I miss you. I am a little unwell, eeek. Trying to feed 11 of us is going to be a challenge, but God just gave us a cow and she had a calf last week and so we are inundated with milk! We also got the pigs off to slaughter hours before our headaches and temperatures got going, so we now have pork and sausages for about 6 months on it’s way. We have had the offer of swapping veg and milk with neighbours, I can see a new system evolving. Strange times, but God is not surprised.

    1. I hope you are all feeling a bit better Vicki? We are all well but Thomas is going crazy being isolated with all us girls!! Are you enjoying the farming life? So cool to have your own milk and pork! Sending lots of love to you all xxx

  4. No, as far as I can gather it’s very like elsewhere in the country as far as the shops go. We have chickens, so at least we won’t run out of eggs!

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