Lovin’ April

I love spring! That said, I love summer, autumn and winter too. How blessed are we to live in a country which has seasons, even though they do go a bit wonky at times?

The last few days have been such lovely weather. My six o’clock starts are slowly morphing into five o’clock starts, as the sunlight nudges me through the split in the curtain to greet the day.

Today, I woke at five but went back to bed to listen to my newest audible book – The Circadian Code. Oh. My. Goodness. I can not get enough of it! It is such a good book, written by a man who has devoted his whole life to understanding sleep within the context of circadian rhythms.

I have almost finished it, and will definitely be circling around and listening to it again, this time with pen and paper in hand so I can make some notes.

Yesterday, Gary unexpectedly came home from work early and surprised me with a date to the local garden centre. We stopped for a full English breakfast and then spent a couple of hours wandering round the centre hand-in-hand planning our garden with all the imaginary money we (don’t) have! But it is wonderful to dream dreams and see visions, isn’t it?

We have so many goals for our garden, which are very very exciting! The main one is to get rid of our run down bike shed and replace it with a huge chicken coop.

We used to keep chickens many years ago, and they are such a great addition to any family. Their eggs are second to none and the birds have so much personality. I can already imagine the comic interplays between chicken, cats and dog!

Although we have tried to grow herbs and vegetables on many occasions, we have never been diligent enough to manage any great success. However, something has changed for us in the last eight months. Perhaps the children growing up. Or the fact we have more time. Or (and I suspect this is the real reason) we are prioritising our health and so feeling much more energetic and full of beans!

I think we might just succeed this time.

We are going to garden together in the evenings and also on a Saturday morning with our younger girls, to give them an opportunity to earn some money for Girls’ Club in the afternoon.

I’m sitting here, crossed legs, the sun streaming in through the window, whilst I sip of frothy freshly brewed coffee and type away at this blog post. I’ve spent vital time with God, learning from His word and praying for my family. Harvey and I have been for a delightful walk around our village through the winding country roads for almost an hour of fresh air and sunshine. Two loads of washing have been washed and are hanging out on the line. And I have a full day planned ahead of me.

Happy sigh.

Life doesn’t get much better than this.

What wonderful things do you have planned for your day today?


  1. What a fun afternoon! My mother in law used to raise chickens and I did think they were the best eggs. I have never been able to grow vegetables or fruits but I have had success with herbs.

    1. I have the opposite of green fingers. I look at a plant and it dies. But I continue doggedly on hoping one day something might change…

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