How to Make a Neolithic Double-Headed Figurine

How to Make Neolithic Double-Headed Figurine

In this post, I will be attempting to show you how to make a Neolithic double-headed figurine. You may have seen from my last post the disaster that was my figurine debacle. The Natufian White Ware was fine, but the figurines were terrible. I tried them using both plain plaster and then the more ‘true to the Neolithics’ method of using a mixture of plaster and ash. By the end, I was a little exasperated at myself!

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How to Make Neolithic Double-Headed Figurine

I didn’t plan to revisit this, but as I was reading some research articles on the Natufians (my new hobby!), I came across a paper which stated they used sticks to stabilise the plaster when making the figurines. Of course! Such a good idea. I can do that, I thought to myself. Then reality set in.

Modelling with plaster is harder than it looks on screen.

If I told you it acted a little bit like corn flour and water polymer mix in that it doesn’t stay where its supposed to stay until just before setting. This means the time available to actually model the model (so to speak) is practically seconds. No, I did not want to go to all the mess and trouble of using plaster only to find I’d failed spectacularly again.

So, I got thinking. The new-to-me twig knowledge had certainly done its job and whetted my appetite to make a second attempt. Thing is, I wanted a successful second attempt! I pondered and thought, and thought and pondered until I figured out a way to do it which was partially authentic. Not totally. But to some extent…authentic enough. And best of all it was fail proof. I knew I could do it justice.

How to Make Neolithic Double-Headed Figurine

I put Göbekli Tepe to one side and enthusiastically set up to record again. This time I used plaster strips…y’know, the ones which used to stabilise bone breakages. This time, they would be stabilising my entire figurine.

The Video below show my fairly successful attempt at making a Neolithic double-headed figurine. It’s not perfect, but I was stoked!

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How to Make Neolithic Double-Headed Figurine

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