Sewing a Flower Fairy Quilt

Sewing a Flower Fairy Quilt

Over the past few weeks, Becca has been sewing a flower fairy quilt using a mixture of hand sewing and machine sewing. I bought her a panel of alphabet flower fairy squares. Which is the perfect starting project to learn the basics of quilting. This allows her to create a beautiful finished product without the difficulty of piecing together separate squares.

In addition to the alphabet panel, I bought an equal amount of cream cotton and cotton batting, as well as some orange tapestry thread and yellow bias binding. Becca was so excited to be sewing her first ever flower fairy quilt!

Sewing a Flower Fairy Quilt

First, she cut the cotton and the batting to the same size as the panelling and ironed each layer.

Secondly, Becca began to sew the three layers together with the full thickness tapestry thread. She sewed in between each alphabet letter panel, down the length and across the width:

Next, she trimmed the edges so they were neat, and hand stitched on one side of the bias binding. I helped her to slowly machine sew over the hand-stitches. And then, using a whip stitch, Becca attached the underside of the bias binding:

She ironed the final quilt and then wrapped it up and gifted it to me for Christmas. I love it so much, more because my baby made it for me. I will be hanging it up on the wall to display it for a while, after which I will be keeping it to use as a changing/play mat for my grandchildren! Here is the final piece, draped over our coffee table:

Sewing a flower fairy quilt

Homeschool rocks!

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