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Seasons of Joy

Over the past six months I’ve been attempting to write more regularly for my beloved blog. And whilst, to some extent, I have been successful in this, for me it has felt a little awkward. In the past, I have had lots to write about, it being a homeschool blog and me being a homeschool mum. But my children are growing up. I now have three adults, one at uni, one in an internship with our church and one working as worship pastor for another church. My two school age children are, to all intents and purposes, independent. Yes, we still learn together during morning meeting times, but for the most part, I am not really needed. I have done my job. They are going forward with their own passions and dreams to create the life they see themselves content with in the future.

This has freed me up somewhat, and I am pursuing some of my own passions. I am studying for a Masters in Childhood and Youth studies; I am attempting to develop a unit study, and am currently in the process of writing the historical novel to go alongside it; I am beginning to film videos for my fledgling YouTube channel, which will go along with my unit study. I feel very blessed to be able to fill my days with my own passions.


As I said above, my blog feels awkward.

It is neither one thing or another, and I think it has lost its direction a little bit. In fact, I think it probably did that a while ago, whilst we had a sick daughter to take care off.

I have read many posts from some of my favourite bloggers which say pretty much the same thing. Where do we take our homeschool blogs when our homeschool days are coming to a close? Some manage to seamlessly flow into some other focus, but I honestly don’t see that happening with mine.

I have been praying and talking to my family about all the possibilities and I think I have found one which might suit me down to the ground.

I am still going to write for angelicscalliwags, but this will now become more of a business than a family homeschool blog. There are lots of posts which I need to write to go along with my unit study I am creating. These are unlikely to be of any interest to those of you who are interested in life updates or family news (these are the posts that tend to create the most interest). Angelicscalliwags Homeschool is going to devoted now to my business. I will not be writing any personal posts anymore.


I have started a new online journal, which will have no homeschool snippets in it at all. I have called it Seasons of Joy, after my monthly posts and it will be about my life post-homeschool. Please do feel free to follow along.

My goals going forward are to write one educational post for angelicscalliwags, probably with an accompanying YouTube video 😬 and one post per week for Seasons of Joy. I will continue to work behind the scenes updating old posts on angelicscalliwags which I will post willynilly (so to speak 🤣).

I will be taking my usual break over December, so apart from updated posts I won’t be posting any new content on angelicscalliwags. Seasons of Joy, although live, will not have any actual posts published until the New Year. But you can sign up to receive future posts should you wish ❤️

Thank you for the last ten years, it has been an honour sharing my life with you all. God Bless!


  1. Claire, thank you for sharing your homeschool journey with us. I’ve read you for years –probably close to the beginning–and you have been a sources of inspiration and comfort more times than I can count. My children are close in age to your oldest three so you and I have traveled the hills and valleys together. 🙂 May God bless you on your new ventures!

  2. Will definitely be following along on both. I know what you mean. We are done homeschooling…but I didn’t want to abandon my blog. It is after all a record of our lives. It is basically a review of our month now and the budding of preschool posts associated with my nanny job.
    Blessings, Dawn

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