Mr Men School (Ages 3- 5)

Apologies for the excess posts coming out at the moment – I’m attempting to create a more organised blog by having posts containing the same theme all in one place!  This page will contain all my Mr Men School posts:


Mr Men School (Ages 3-5)

This is a home made curriculum I designed for my two younger children.  Usually at five they would be on Five in a Row, but I knew my three year old would struggle.  As I want to school them together I decided to use the Mr Men books as a basis of a curriculum I could use with both of them at the same time.

Mr Men Easter Adventure Box

Introduction to Mr Men School

Language Arts

Making a Mr Men Alphabet Tool Box

Encouraging a love of Reading

Building Reading Comprehension

Narration with Mr Men

Partnered Reading with Mr Men


Making a Mr Men Number Tool Box

Making a Mr Men Measuring Tool Box

Making a Mr Men Days of the Week Box

Learning directional and positional concepts with Mr Men

Learning opposites with Mr Men

Arts and Crafts

Five Modelling Ideas to Use with Mr Men

Making a Mr Men felt Toy

Hand Made Mr Men Puppets

Creating a ‘make a Mr Men character’ felt kit

Making a ‘feed me’ Mr Greedy

Examples of Mr Men School in Action

Mr Tickle

Mr Greedy

Mr Happy

Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Neat


3rd Mt Men Birthday party

6th Little Miss Splendid Spa Birthday Party

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  1. So my lazy writer trick is to use these to post when I don’t feel like writing other stuff.
    Of course I’m glad as can be that you’re doing these posts because I often come back to your blog to find ideas. So, this lets the lazy homeschooler in me find your stuff easier.

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