Mr Men School: Mr Happy


We read the following books each day:



And I also found a video of the book, which after we had read the story, the children watched on youtube:

I printed out some writing for A5 to do and some pictures of Mr Happy for B2 to do whilst the older ones were doing maths.  As A5 wrote I asked her to try to work out what the words said:


The main concept I wanted to introduce the girls to this week was opposites.  Next week we would be doing a lot more work with both antonyms and synonyms, but for now I just wanted them to know they existed.  This was handed to us on a plate as the Mr Happy book is all about Mr Happy and Mr Miserable.

We talked about the feelings of being happy and miserable.  This came at quite a good time because the girls had just had their grandparents to stay from Ireland and A5 was distraught to see them leave.  She somehow wasn’t able to express her sadness, instead saying that she didn’t feel well and didn’t want Grandad and Granny to leave.  She is now able to recognise what feeling miserable feels like and is able to express it in words accurately!

We went over the days of the week again using her days toolbox I had made her the week before:


I read out the story in this weeks Mr Men magazine about Mr Happy and they had fun sticking on their stickers:




A5 continued to work her way through her Mr Men maths book:


I also set her the task of measuring the length and the width of a Mr Men book.  First I asked if she thought they might be the same (ie is it a square book?), then I asked her to measure to see if she was right, using her measuring tool box.  This was a great opportunity to introduce fractions as the books handily measured 5 1/2 cm by 5cm:

Measuring length
Measuring length
And the width
And the width

Remember the Mr Men Telling the Time book?

I asked A5 to ‘read’ it to me, knowing we had read it enough times that she knew it almost off by heart.  I filled in words I knew she wouldn’t know, keeping my figure under the words as she read them.

They also played the Mr Happy board game which came with their Mr Men magazine this month:



For their Christmas present from Grandad and Granny they received some Mr Men aprons.  This of course makes art time so much more exciting!


First they painted the colouring sheets I had photocopied for them:


I made some plaster models of Mr Happy which the girls painted yellow.  We had done the same for Mr Greedy and I had wondered what I might do with them.  Most of their Mr Men art will be used to decorate their bedroom, but I couldn’t think how to use their plaster models.  Then it struck me!  Once the rain stops and the sun comes out, we will be growing a Mr Men garden and I thought these little painted plaster Mr Men would look lovely in their garden as little Mr Men gnomes!  I love it when a plan comes together!!



This month’s Mr Men magazine showcases Mr Happy, which means we received a Mr Happy toy as well as lots of Mr Happy activities.  The girls made a Mr Happy badge.  I helped them to cut out the shape on the back of the toy box and then attach it to a safety pin:



Lastly, the girls learned how to draw a Mr Happy themselves:


Colour Science

We talked about the primary colours, reminding them which colours were primary and which were secondary.

Imaginary Play

I cut out the Mr Men houses which came with this month’s magazine and the girls stuck them together, along with furniture to go with it:


This was a great activity for the girls to play with each morning with all of their Mr Men toys they have received with the magazines:


A5 had to take her own photo, she loved them so much:



The girls were incredibly excited to receive two Mr Men dressing up outfits from their Grandad and Granny this year, and have had much fun dressing up:




As usual I added our new character to our felt ‘make a Mr Man’ Kit, bringing the total to five characters.


Now, it’s rare I include music studies in our little home school, for which there is a very good reason.  I am tone deaf and can’t sing a note!  However, when I came across this video of a Mr Happy song I could help but include it.  When you hear it, you will understand why.  If you feel like a Mr Miserable, listen to the song and you’ll be transformed to a Mr Happy! (Either that or you’ll start yelling at the screen in irritation.  I liked it though!):

And of course then we had to get the girls dressed up and have a little dance.  Couldn’t help ourselves:





Life Skills

Easy peasy recipe: Mr Happy biscuits:


After which we settled down to some more Mr Happy, along with our mr Happy biscuits:

Oh, the fun to be had when you’re schooling with Mr Men!

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    1. Hello Marie! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on the ‘wings’ post.
      I miss your blogs. Have you decided to have a break for a while? I’m glad you still pop by here to say hello.
      I hope life is good and restful in Canada and that you are having a lovely 2014.

  1. Aw. What fun! I love their drawings of Mr. Happy. It is amazing how many things are available for this set of books. The costumes are so cute – thankful for grandparents:) I think we will listen to Mr. Happy during the day. It should make us all smile a bit on this cold and dreary day in Texas. Kids don’t care if you can sing or not – thankfully;)
    Thanks for sharing this post today. It was just what I needed.
    Have a HAPPY day Claire!
    P.S. Can’t wait to see the Mr. Men garden!

    1. I hope you enjoyed the song Donna, and that it brought big happy smiles to you….
      We’ve been dancing to it and singing it for a week now and whilst the little ones seem to have endless enthusiasm for it, let’s just say I’m looking forward to moving on to a new song next week!

  2. love love love your mr men’s posts I would like my own to be small again to do something similar…maybe one day with grand kids…thanks for sharing and many blessings to you…
    So happy also for your medical check up OK God bless you and your family richly, you are a great mom Myriam …

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