Native American Unit Study: Ojibwe Nation


Ticia asked for me to do a post collecting all my Ojibwe posts into one place.  So here it is:

Native American Unit Study

meeting of the clans

The First Native American People: Mapping the Area


The First Native American People: Appreciating the Tribal Differences


The First Native Americans: Presenting the Information

Showing Granny her spirit masks

Native American Unit Week 1- The Birchbark House: Neebin (Summer)

Ribbet collagerockdolls

Native American Unit Week 2- The Birchbark House: Dagwaging (Fall)

Ribbet collagemaplesugar3

Native American Unit Week 3- The Birchbark House: Biboon (Winter)


Native American Unit Week 4- The Birchbark House: Zeegwun (Spring)

Ribbet collageweek4

Introducing the Ojibwe People

The final Newspaper

Ojibwe Oral Tradition


Native American Picture Books: Ojibwe Nation



Ojibwe Calender


Ojibwe Pictographs


Law Study – Ojibwe clans

They made it into a poster which they would present to my mum at the end of the week

Picture Study: Ojibwe Gathering of the Clans

DSC_0855picture studyclans

Art Study – Ojibwe Birch Bark Biting

Ribbet collagebirchbarkbiting

Ojibwe Art Study: Floral Designs

Ribbet collagebandolierbag

Ojibwe Fry Bread Recipe

Ribbet collageAutumn4

How to Make Native American Dress Up


Native American Dress Up: ‘Beaded’ Bracelets

Ribbet collagebracelet2

How to Make Native American Ojibwe Dolls Clothes






  1. Wow, this is awesome! We are doing a Native American unit starting next week. Love your huge map!! I want to do something like that. I love all your hands-on craft projects. I know we won’t be able to do nearly as much…but we’ll certainly use some of these ideas!

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