Now You Are an Adult… Lillie

I have done every type of birthday post under the sun, and as this is the last one before adulthood (or maybe the first one at the beginning of adulthood) I thought I’d get everyone involved who spends lots of time at our house, especially over lock-down (social distance rules adhered to of course). I asked each person to write two things they appreciate about Charlotte and two things they appreciate about you. Here are yours from the youngest upwards…


I love your snuggles, especially when I am sad. Snuggling you makes me feel warm and safe. I also love how thoughtful you are when there are things around me that I don’t understand, like Charlotte’s illness. I love that you notice when I am confused and you take me to one side and spend time with me and make sure I am okay. I love you so much and no matter what happens, or where you are, I will always love you for always and forever.


I love the way you personalise your art, because it shows different parts of your personality. I love how your art is different from others and I wish I had your talent. I love your personality and your optimism especially, it sets you apart from most other teenagers. I love you and I appreciate you more than you could ever know.


I find you funny and I am thankful for your sarcasm as it decreases my own seriousness. I find you understanding and always supportive when I am dealing with things mentally.


I love your sense of humour. You never fail to make me laugh, no matter what I’m feeling and it makes me feel like everything is normal and okay, even if it only for that moment. I also love your hugs because they feel like home.


I love how great your sense of humour is and how you are not afraid to go your own way and be out of the box


I love how caring and supportive you are to everyone around you. And I love how creative you are, even though you make waaaay too much mess along the way.


I love your individuality, the way you are un-apologetically you and nobody else. I really love your thoughtful and helpful nature. I appreciate that we can always trust you to step up when we need you to, and you are always happy to help out whenever you can.


I so love the over-riding care you give to your twin. You care for her over and above yourself and your own needs. And, in fact, you do the same for any of your siblings, whenever they are in any need. I know you are a huge support for your parents and I am very thankful for that. I have also really enjoyed watching you blossom into a confident, hardworking and talented artist


I find it interesting but not much of a surprise to see pretty much everyone commenting about how caring you are. You always notice when something is amiss in the house. Since Charlotte’s illness, you have been my right-hand woman. You fill in when I cannot be split into any more parts. Needs are met because of your sensitivity, understanding and willingness to step in where-ever you are needed. I appreciate you more than you could ever imagine.

You are ready for adulthood. I am sure of you. You are steady, courageous, hardworking and far too creative for your own good. I smile at the 12 year old who sat on her own for hours making beautiful jewellery, or polymer clay creations. Who knew it would get you into university so early and with so few prior qualifications. You blow me away sweetie pie. You are so kind, so gentle, with such a caring nature…and yet through it all you are completely yourself. You have a steely strength which wasn’t there 12 short months ago. You know who you are, where you are going and how you will get there. I am so proud of the woman you have become; of the deep, deep faith you have in Jesus as your Saviour and your enthusiasm for life.

You are able to lighten the atmosphere, and I honestly do not know where Charlotte would be if it wasn’t for your constant and unyielding love; your (often highly unintelligent but always) funny comments and the way you make light of every situation that needs to be made light of. No-one can take themselves too seriously when you are around.

I love you. Always and Forever.

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