On Father’s Day

DSC_1006father's day

For a daddy who loves his family with all his heart; who makes the choice daily to be a firm presence in their lives; who works hard and provides so much more than just material things; a man who without thinking about it would lay down his life to protect those in his care – it is this man I am honoured to call my husband and our children are blessed to call Daddy.

Gary, we all love you so much xxxxx

(The picture and words are inspired by one of the twin’s cards and all she wrote to her Daddy)


  1. Thank you baby. It is a real honour to be the father of such wonderful children. Thank you for all the hard work that you do. You are a wonderful wife and mother. All my Love

  2. Mummy, I loved the post you have done.
    It is lovely thank you. And thank you daddy for being perfect. l11

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