One Year Pond Study

Inspired by Ticia’s idea to collate all my Native American Posts in one place, I thought I would tidy up my blog a bit and create posts which did the same for other topics.

In anticipation of our next nature study which will be a one year study of the nature in our garden, I have popped all of our pond posts into a separate post and created a Nature Page at the top of my blog.


Nature Study: Plans for a Year Long Study of our Village Pond

Week 1: Assessing the Pond

Week 2: Spring Pond Pollution

Week 3 – Spring Tree Study

Week 4: A Spring Fauna and Flower Count

Week 5 (Ecosytem, or maybe not!)

Week 6  (The Ecosystem at Last)

Week 7 – Spring Pond Water Study

Week 8  Admiring the Scenery

Week 9: Spring Tree Study

Week 10: Beginning a bird study

 Week 11: Preparing to map the pond

Week 12: Our Spring Night Time Pond Visit

Week 13: Just Playing Around

Week 14: Bird Study – Mallards

Week 15: Comparing Ponds

 Week 16: Moorhen Chicks

 Week 17: Summer Fauna Count

Week 18: Summer Tree Study

 Week 19: Bird Study – Herons

 Week 20: Checking in on the Chicks

 Week 21:  One Small Square Part 1

 Week 22:  One Small Square Part 2

 Week 23: A Mystery at the Pond

 Week 24: Summer Pollution Study

Week 25: Atmospheric changes at the pond

Week 26: Our Summer Night Time Pond Visit

Week 27: Midway Reflections

Week 28: Catch up post from before Holiday

Week 29: Comparison Study with Lough Fey (Northern Ireland)

Week 30: Celebrations at the Pond

Week 31: No pond study (all ill)

Week 32: Visitors of the Non-Feathered Variety

Week 33 – Update on the Works at the Pond

Week 34 – Autumn Tree Study

Week 35 – Change and More Change

Weeks 36, 37, 38, 39 No blogging over Christmas period

Week 40 – Back after a Break

Week 41: Ponding with Young Children

Week 42: Bird Study: Canada Geese

Week 43: Checking out the Overflow

Week 44: Year Long Tree Study: Ash

Week 45 & 46 & 47: No Study – stormy weather

Week 48:  A quick visit and a surprise nest

Week 49:  Moor Hen Study

Week 50:  Looking back over the past twelve months

Plans next year: A one year garden nature study

Revisiting our pond: Summer 2014


  1. This is a very good idea – everything on one page. It’s a good record, as well as serving as wonderful memories for a whole year of work you’ve done. 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks Donna. I hope our garden one will be just as good. Are you still thinking about doing a garden study along side us (we could compare)?

      1. The thought is still there. Right now we are doing some major remodeling of our backyard. We are removing three trees – one is my tree study sweetgum. I am very sad to see it go, but I am afraid it is in such bad shape there doesn’t seem to be much hope. It is not a tree that grows here naturally, and it has lived as long as it can here. It is coming down this Friday. I did take some final pictures of it. The other two trees are both Chinese tallow trees. I never have liked them, their sap is toxic, and they are losing limbs with every breeze. I am not sad to see them go. After all of this, we should have much more sun and be able to garden a little. So, yes, I hope to do some backyard nature study right along with you.

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