One Year Pond Study: Week 43 – Checking out the Overflow

Here is our pond this week:


The pond seems so quiet at the moment.  There is little to report, with no gulls, two Moorhens and only four Mallards.





The children went off exploring as I snapped away at the wildlife (and them):




T12 has decided to write a letter to the RSPB (with whom he has membership) to bring to their notice the damage the workers have left behind.  There are bags, tyres, shoes, cans and much, much more:

Here he is picking up stuff to throw in the bin
Here he is picking up stuff to throw in the bin

It really doesn’t look too pretty at the moment:



The pond level remains the highest we’ve seen it and although it is not visible at the moment, we know from our earlier studies that there is some sort of overflow system to prevent the pond spilling over to the road:

An over-flow pipe
So we thought we would check out the excess over flow water the other side of the road:

The girls running cross country
The girls running cross country

There was a substantial amount of water:


But no wildlife to be seen, unless you include my children in that category:


We had fun wading around, checking for depth, until it was time to go home.  This is a photo taken from the overflow to show you how far away it is from our pond (you can see the row of houses that are behind the pond):


Over the next few weeks (we only have 9 weeks left until our one year pond study is complete!) we will be doing a few bird studies of the birds we have seen at our pond, as well as unveiling our nature study plans for next year.


  1. Only 9 weeks?! How did that happen?
    I always enjoy your pond posts and I’m looking forward to hearing your plans for after the year is up.

  2. It’s so great that a nature study has branched off into some stewardship and prompted T to write (persuasively, maybe ?:) about the damage and debris left behind.

  3. Always love the pond pictures. Good for T to be interested enough in the care of the pond to take the initiative to be involved in its welfare.
    I am looking forward to your plans for the next pond study.
    Have a lovely day, Claire.

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