Oooh, so much to say, so much to share….

I realise I’ve been missing for the past couple of weeks (thank you for the lovely emails). Nothing is wrong, I was simply on holiday, having a pretty amazing time with my lovely Northern Irish family and friends. I was brilliant at remembering to take photos of the first few days, but got worse as the week progressed as I was fighting off a second wisdom tooth infection. I will share more over the weekend but for now take a peek at this joyful news….

The biggest news?  The twins were baptised by Gary’s childhood pastor and Gary!  Can you imagine the joy of being able to help baptise your own daughters?

And even better Gary’s parents and a selection of brothers/sisters/cousins/friends were able to witness it, which made it so, so special for the girls.  Unfortunately I was not allowed to take any other photos as it was in a public swimming pool (I shouldn’t have taken that one but didn’t know at the time).  Here are the girls with Pastor Laurence and his lovely wife Susan:

Thank you so much Laurence.  You made the girls’ day and the whole experience was so, so special <3

I’ll be sharing more over the weekend, but I really wanted to share that very special piece of news!


  1. Charlotte and Lillie I am delighted for you both, I pray that God will continue to lead you all the days of your lives and that you will always hear His still small voice calling you, blessings to you both. And Claire, I pray your infection has cleared up and you are feeling better.

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