My Perfect Homeschool Desk

My Perfect Homeschool desk

Today I’m posting about my gorgeous and perfect homeschool desk that Gary made. He originally made it for Charlotte. She and Ads have taken over the shed (now known as The Library) which freed up her office space. As the only person in the house without any space to call my own, I snatched it up as my own! I meant to write a post about it last year, but I was so busy with my degree that I simply had no time. Also, I’ve changed it slightly to accommodate all my many hobbies. Seriously, it is the perfect homeschool desk!

The Left Side

Perfect homeschool desk

Above and below, you can see my antique lamp which I bought from Etsy for Charlotte and which I inherited when she went down to the shed. The Bits and Bobs jars are some up-cycled tea, coffee and sugar jars which I renamed ‘Bits and Bobs’ 🤣. It makes me smile everytime I see them. I’m too funny…

Anyway, back to the tour (you’ll need to go back up to the first picture). I have all my notebooks: Mrs Hinch for household things to do, a CleverFox wellness planner, a Ruby Granger Academic diary and a homemade ‘to done’ book (so I know that all my incessant tooing and froing does actually accomplish things throughout each day). Next is a beautiful wooden mini writing bureau, in which I keep all my blank, brown cards and envelopes (for when I make homemade cards), scissors, pens, gift tags and gift bags. I bought that from a charity shop for three pounds!

The Right Side

My perfect homeschool desk

On the rightsize of my desk is the window, old fashioned music centre, speaker and a couple more wooden boxes. The larger wooden box is where I keep my writing pens, small ink jars and my wax sealing set. The smaller box on top houses my old fashioned stamp letter and numbers.

Why is it my Perfect Homeschool Desk?

Well, for starters it has a door. In fact, it has two, but we’ll get to the second later. This door shuts behind me…just. Remember this is a small English porch way, not a large American one! It measures approximately 3 meters by 1.5 meters, perhaps a little smaller. The desk takes up the entire space apart from a semi-circular area that Gary carved out to fit the chair. And the person using the chair. Of course.

I LOVE being able to shut the door on the world and hide away in my tiny office. I’ve never had this before, so I really appreciate it. Now, I mentioned a second door. Let me show you a picture, because this is one of the coolest things about my office:

The stable door to my office

I’m showing it to you only half open, it does go all the way back. I love this so much. In the summer I can open it and have not just the fresh air but also the sun light coming through. Bear in mind my office area used to be in the hallway and had absolutely no natural light at all. It also stops me feeling hemmed in. I can shut the one door behind me, and then open another to my left. Obviously, the whole door is not in use anymore as a front door, but its stable door dimensions make it incredibly useful still.

Another thing I love about my desk is that it is huge (the whole width and length of the room). This makes it perfect for spreading out books, crafting supplies and, in the future, will be perfect for a sewing room as well. I also love the amount of wall space. To the right the whole wall has book shelves from the ceiling right down to the desk (the ceiling is high) and above the desk, there are two more shelves over the top of my To Do board:

My to do board

The To Do board I made from an old frame, black card and a permanent marker. Very simple, took minutes and gave me a useful item for my office.

So, What do I use my Perfect Homeschool Desk for?

I’m glad you asked, because it has many hats. And, as of yesterday it has a new hat! But I digress.

I use my desk the way you would expect a homeschool mum to use it…to school plan and organise our homeschool. But, I do so much more than this. I love to craft…really anything, and having a special nook in which to craft fills me which such joy. I have a special board which I craft on which I personalised by wood burning many many hearts on ❤️

Candle making

This is my latest hobby, making rolled beeswax candles. I am having fun at the moment experimenting with various styles. Above you can see the normal candles and some smaller birthday cake candles and some even smaller ones to use to light a fire perhaps…

And the New Hobby?

YouTube of course! With Gary’s help, I have set up a permanent lighting and camera stand. Yesterday, I began filming. Not that any of those films will be seen by anyone! They were atrocious!! I filmed about ten takes and realised I was sounding more and more peculiar with each one!

My last attempt, I filmed me setting up a plaster to look at (rather than looking at me on the screen) so that it actually looks like I’m talking to you (not me). I merrily drew a face on it, called it Bob and reminded myself I needed to talk ‘to the Bob’. When I replaying that one, it was so much better, even though I was talking nonsense…it reminded me of me! I guess I talk a lot of nonsense and it maybe that sensible Claire does not have a place on any screen (cringe 😬). I obviously need to talk nonsense!! Anyway, here is my set up, which may become redundant if I don’t sort myself out 🤨

My Perfect Homeschool desk

Hmmm. I’ll say no more about YouTube. It remains to be seen whether or not I will successfully film anything (other than me talking to a plaster!).

I hope you have enjoyed the tour around my perfect homeschool desk made by my perfect homeschool husband ❤️. I am very blessed indeed.


  1. OH that does look like a wonderful desk… I used to have a small room carved out for my crafting too and I loved that I could shut the door mid-crafting too and not have to look at the mess. I miss that little room so much!

  2. I love your desk and new space! While I understand your anxiety over creating YouTube content, I would definitely follow you!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I think if I can just be myself it will be fine. I’m just not sure how to be myself whist the camera is going! I’m doing a course so maybe I’ll find out!

  3. I would also be interested in watching your YouTube videos! I love the idea of a wellness planner, I had not heard of that before.

    1. Hello Qwen! How are you? Are you still living on a remote island in Scotland? It’s nice to hear from you again! xx

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