Plans for my Littles

Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic


We are focusing on the basics this term, much like last.  A5’s reading has really taken off and instead of us working our way through one lesson per week she is flying through with between 3- 5 lessons completed each week.  It has been heartening to see her reading words (successfully) from DVD titles at the movies rental shop, and reading to her sister voluntarily at night-time.  It feels a long time coming, and a struggle for both us.  My older three found learning to read so easy, but she really hasn’t.  We plan to continue going at her speed and will hopefully finish level one of All about Reading by September, thus beginning the new year in October with Level Two.  I haven’t started any formal phonics with B3 yet, but this term will have her watch a few of the phonics DVDs we own to introduce her to her letters.  Next year (October) I will be starting her on All About Reading Preschool.  For now though she will be playing quietly nearby whilst A5 is perfecting her reading!

I am upping the read-aloud I do for both my younger children.  I already read Mr Men books each day, as well as books before bed but this term I am planning a half an hour  extra read aloud, just with my little ones – reading a Bible story, a poem and a story book.  I also intend to start reading a chapter book at bed time to them beginning with Milly-Molly-Mandy.

A5’s writing is coming along nicely, although she still doesn’t want to attempt any writing outside of her writing curriculum.  I am using Getty and Dubai Italic handwriting series for her.  She simply does one page a day and will most likely be finished in readiness for the new academic year in October.  Each pages practices letters and also gives one sentence of copy work to do each day.  B3 just does lots of doodles and drawing for me.

Maths A5 seems to find fairly easy.  We are currently on the home run with Math-U-See Primer and will hopefully be finished by the end of the academic year.  She finds it simple and often does the work independently.

Mr Men School

Mr Men school takes about half an hour to do each day.  I am now focusing on one concept per week as well as revising topics we have covered in the past.  It is fun, light-hearted and neither child is showing any signs of becoming bored of it.  This term we have some really great topics coming up with learning to care for some one with a cold (Mr Sneeze) and First aid with Mr Bump.


dsc_0589preschool science

We will be adding some more Fizzy Fun science and Polymer Play as well starting to investigate magnetism and ice.  I also want to do a fun potion lab each week, just to let them play.  Both girls really enjoy science and I intend to increase the amount that we do.

Project Based Learning


Their main project for this coming term is simply a continuation of last terms – bugs.  They haven’t lost interest and enjoy any activity I suggest, but I am finding that I am the key.  They enjoy me being part of it rather than them exploring alone.  Whilst I try not to micro-manage the whole learning experience, much more gets done and the momentum kept up if I play a fairly large part in their learning.  I am very happy to oblige and have some fun activities planned this term.

The little ones also join in with our biological science project, which is led by me but executed by the children.  This is working well and the little ones are enjoying tagging along.

Computer Time


This is a new addition to the little one’s school time.  Both now have their own Samsung Galaxy Tab for kids.  We scrimped and saved for these and they have been so worth it.  We have disabled everything bar some educational games.  Each child has around 30 minutes per day on them and it has proved so useful enabling me to have uninterrupted time with my older children knowing the little ones are still absorbed in learning.

Physical Education


 We have just joined the gym as a family and the little ones are enjoying daily trips to the soft play area.  Once B3 has completely recovered from Scarlett Fever we will be enrolling them both in swimming lessons, which we get for free because it is included in our membership.





  1. You amaze me at how much you get done with everyone’s schooling – I am truly in awe! I hope everyone, especially B3 recovers fully and soon!

  2. It amazes me that you are so able to coordinate so many different activities on so many different levels. I know you are getting more sleep, so when do you have time to think?:)) If you weren’t a homeschooling mummy, I should think you would be an excellent school teacher. Your ideas are just fantastic!

    1. It’s probably my biggest weakness – coordinating the five children’s work. As you know, I’m not HUGELY organised and definitely find it tricky. I think A5’s schooling has really suffered because of that. It’s improving now I think. I hope!

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